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2014 JBF Leadership Award Recipients


Mark Bittman

Author/Journalist, The New York Times


For using his international platform as a respected journalist and author to educate consumers about healthier food choices and to advocate for a better food system.



Ben Burkett

State Coordinator for the State of Mississippi, Federation of Southern Cooperatives; President of The National Family Farm Coalition; and Member of Via Campensina


For the positive impact this life-long family farmer has made through his support of the American family farm and advocacy for the rights of every individual to wholesome food, clean water, air, and land.



Navina Khanna

Fellow, Movement Strategy Center


For her work as a food justice activist organizing across communities for equitable and ecological food systems on local, regional, and national levels.



Michael Pollan

Writer/Journalist; and Professor, University of California, Berkeley


For the influence his books, articles and public appearances have had on the national conversation about important issues, such as sustainable agriculture, nutrition, food safety, farm policy, public health, and animal welfare.



Karen Washington

Urban Farmer, Community Activist and Former President, New York City Community Garden Coalition 


For the impact her leadership has had on the revitalization of neighborhoods in the Bronx through the establishment of urban gardens, as well as her national appearances to promote green jobs, healthy diets, and community gardens.









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