Eye Candy: José Andrés and Co.

José Andrés with his crew James Beard Award–winning chef José Andrés and the chefs who steer his various restaurants pose for a group photo in the Beard House kitchen. The entire crew worked together to prepare a menu of Andrés's signature, forward-thinking Spanish cuisine, which was paired with Spanish wines and selections from the Glenlivet portfolio. Click here to see more photos from the evening.

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Ask a Chef: What Would You Eat for Your Last Meal on Earth?

"Cracklin' cornbread, crowder peas and pot liquor, pork roast, fried okra, panfried sweet potatoes, and mustard greens." –JBF Award Winner John Besh, Besh Restaurant Group, New Orleans

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America's Classics: Gustavus Inn, Gustavus, AK

America’s Classics Award–winning restaurants have timeless appeal and are beloved in their regions for quality food that reflects the character of their community. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be spotlighting the eateries that earned this prestigious distinction in 2010. Three generations of the Lesh family have welcomed guests to this farmhouse at the edge of a meadow overlooking Alaska's Icy Strait. Jack and Sally Lesh started the inn in 1965, operating it as a drop-in restaurant, grocery store, and hotel. For many years it was also the town’s weather station, airline counter, and radio and telephone contact. From 1976 to '79 their daughter Sal and husband, Tom McLaughlin, continued these services, supporting the crew building nearby Glacier Bay Lodge. Dave and JoAnn Lesh took over as innkeepers in 1980 and raised their three sons and daughter there. Over the years, the town has acquired power, phones, and city status, allowing the Gustavus Inn to rely more on serving tourists to Glacier Bay National Park during the summer months. Supper is served family style and usually features local catches like Dungeness crab, salmon,

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Giveaway: illy Coffee Trivia Winner

illy giveaway Thanks for playing folks! We’ve got our latest winner—congratulations to Bob Stein who correctly guessed that American-style drip coffee has the most caffeine per serving. A regular eight-ounce cup of drip coffee contains more caffeine than a one-ounce cup of espresso. The amount of caffeine in your favorite coffee beverage is relative to the length of time the coffee grounds are in contact with water and the temperature of that water. Drip coffee averages 120mg of caffeine per cup while espresso averages only 60-80mg per cup. We’ll be back with another illy giveaway the week of June 21.

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Dine Out for the Gulf Coast

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill has devastated the Gulf Coast's fishing industry and sea life, and will continue to affect the region and the livelihoods of its residents for many years. The James Beard Foundation has always cherished the area's rich culinary traditions, which are also threatened by this disaster. To show our support, we're spreading the word about Dine Out for the Gulf Coast, which is taking place June 10–12 at restaurants across the country. For three straight days, participating eateries will donate a portion of their sales to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund, an organization that gives grants to nonprofits helping victims of the spill. (You can learn more from

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Ask a Chef: What's Your Earliest Food Memory?

"Finishing cooking my own eggs at five years old after my mother was pulled away from the stove by a phone call. I was proudly eating them as she returned with a scream, realizing what she had done." –Mark Franz, Farallon Restaurant, San Francisco

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