September's Best Recipes

A recipe for Gnocchi with Rabbit and Golden Ale Ragoût from the James Beard Foundation

While parting with summer is never easy, milder days mean that we can comfortably cook in our kitchens again. What better way to cope? It also means we've been busier than ever testing recipes from Beard House guest chefs. Here's the best of the September crop: Gnocchi with Rabbit and Golden Ale Ragoût Comforting and scrumptious, meals like this make us hungry for fall. Grilled Loup de Mer with Braised Fennel We love the light, Mediterranean character of this simple seafood dish

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Eat this Word: Lotus Root

lotus rootWHAT? Lies beneath lilies. Lotus (or water lily) flowers have been prized for their beauty for thousands of years, but below the water is another prize, the edible rhizomes, which are often mistakenly called roots. (Ginger is another type of rhizome.) Lotuses grow wild throughout mainland Asia and were introduced to Japan by China. Light in color, long, and cylindrical, when sliced the lotus root reveals a fibrous, tart flesh with a lovely lacy pattern of holes. Lotus is eaten throughout Asia. It can be blanched or steamed, served cold in salad or hot in soup, pickled, fried for tempura, stir-fried, or braised. WHERE? Shin Thompson's Beard House dinner WHEN? October 12, 2010 HOW? Crispy Suzuki with Grilled Haricot

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Recipe: Tuna au Poivre

JBF Award Winner Rick Moonen's tuna au poivre recipe, from the James Beard Foundation A riff on the classic pepper-crusted steak dish, this succinct recipe from Rick Moonen is a Monday-night wonder. Pair it with an arugula salad and forget the dishes until Tuesday.

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On the Menu: Hawaiian Surf and Turf

Carol Wallack and Aleksiy Shalev Even though we've finally come to terms with fall's arrival, tomorrow's Beard House event, which features the Hawaiian-inspired cuisine of Carol Wallack and Aleksiy Shalev, will be as welcome as a warm summer breeze. Check out the menu after the jump (and click here to reserve your seat): Hors d’Oeuvre Unagi with Banana, Bacon, and Avocado Seared Wagyu Beef with Caviar and Truffle Cream on Crackers Beef Carpaccio–Wrapped Oysters Pairing: Champagne Duval-Leroy Brut NV Dinner Sashimi Trio > Hawaiian Big-Eye Tuna, Wagyu

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On the Menu: October 3 through October 9

Walking up the Beard House back stairs Here’s what’s happening at the Beard House and around the country next week: Monday, October 4, 7:00 P.M. Bay Area Asian All-Stars The San Francisco Bay Area has long been home to some of the best Asian cuisine in the country. These days, much of the credit is due to the cooking of this esteemed group of chefs, who will be joining us at the Beard House for an extraordinary showcase dinner. Tuesday, October 5, 7:00 P.M. Hawaiian Surf and Turf In the not-always-temperate climes of the Windy City, the Hawaiian-inspired cuisine at Sola is a welcome oasis. Run by California native and self-proclaimed “surfer girl” Carol Wallack along with chef de cuisine Aleksiy Shalev, the critically lauded Sola features Pacific Rim

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Recipe: Dark Chocolate–Passion Fruit Tart

Megan Romano's recipe for Dark Chocolate Passion Fruit Tart, from the James Beard Foundation When Charlie Palmer's team claimed the Beard House kitchen earlier this month, Megan Romano and Jennifer Yee, who supervise sweets at Aureole's Las Vegas and New York locations, respectively, put out two technically impressive desserts. Romano contributed this towering tropical tart, joined by passion fruit semifreddo, passion fruit–tangerine sorbet, and tangerine gelée. If you're looking for a challenge, this is it. (Yee served a plum soup with green grape sorbet, horchata gelée, and rice cluster,

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