Q & A with Sheila Bowman of Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

The James Beard Foundation interviews Sheila Bowman of Seafood Watch


A leader in setting guidelines for sustainable fishing and consumption practices, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and its Seafood Watch program are crucial players in the fight for ocean conservation. Sheila Bowman, the organization’s manager of culinary and strategic initiatives, will join us at our third annual food conference next week. We talked to her about her work, Seafood Watch’s handy app for consumers, and the species of fish that gives her hope. 


JBF: What is your role at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch?


SB: I work with our culinary audiences: chefs at all levels of the industry, plus food media. I help these people understand the importance of sustainable seafood and how... Read more >

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On the Menu: Week of October 14

Behind the scenes in the Beard House kitchen


Here's what's on the JBF calendar next week:


Monday, October 15, 7:00 P.M.

Southern Flair

After years of working with JBF Award winner Emeril Lagasse, Felicia Suzanne Willett struck out on her own and opened her eponymous restaurant, which is now a destination for classic Southern cuisine in historic downtown Memphis. Join us for a menu from below the Mason–Dixon Line, along with wines selected by master vintner Jim Clendenen.


Tuesday, October 16, 12:00 P.M.

Enlightened Eaters

In his book, Chefs Can Save the World, seasoned chef Jeremy Barlow challenges us all to pay more attention to what we eat, where it come from, and how it affects the world around us. A guide for mindful

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Meet JBF Leadership Award Winner Tensie Whelan

Tensie Whelan


Our 2012 James Beard Foundation Leadership Awards are less than one week away! Leading up to the big event, we're introducing you to each of the five visionaries being honored for their outstanding contributions to creating a healthier, safer, and more sustainable food world. We've already filled you in on Dr. Kathleen Merrigan and Dr. Jason Clay—and today, we'd like you to meet:


Tensie Whelan
President, Rainforest Alliance


As president of Rainforest Alliance, Tensie Whelan wears many hats: she works closely with the heads of some of the world’s biggest food companies to encourage them to shift to more sustainable, eco-friendly... Read more >

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Test Your Eat-Q: The Farm Bill

Test your knowledge of the Farm Bill with this quiz from the James Beard Foundation


At next week's third annual JBF Food Conference, Wendell Berry, the father of the organic farming movement and a 2012 JBF Leadership Award honoree, will present his vision for a 50-year Farm Bill. If you plan on watching his presentation live on our website (details to come), brush up on your knowledge of this important legislation and the farming industry by taking our latest Eat-Q test.

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Ode to Apples: A Cozy Fall Supper

Pastry chef Sarah Jordan's brown butter cake with caramelized apples and sour beer caramel


This simple yet hearty autumnal menu showcases our favorite fall fruit in every dish.


Apple–Fennel Butter

At his Beard House dinner, chef Jonathan Bennett slathered this delicious butter on trout, but we also love it on grilled bread as an appetizer.


Candied Walnut-Apple Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

A mustardy lemon vinaigrette, diced red onions, and sharp arugula transform this timeless fall salad.


Cider-Soaked Pork Tenderloin

After marinating in apple cider overnight, this pork tenderloin is cooked in a... Read more >

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Q & A with Environmentalist Simran Sethi


Simran Sethi wants to get personal about climate change. Dubbed the “the environmental messenger” by Vanity Fair, the journalist and educator believes that storytelling plays a crucial role in raising awareness and inspiring action. (She recently gave a TED talk called, How and Why Do We Engage?) In anticipation of her appearance at our annual food conference next week, we got in touch to learn more about her work.


JBF: You Twitter bio says that you tell stories and support storytellers. How does this fit into your work as an environmentalist?


SS: The core of my work was always journalism, so I’m in the habit engaging people and learning their stories. I’ve found that when someone shares their story, that’s what gets other people—even people who think they have very little... Read more >

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Meet JBF Leadership Award Winner Dr. Jason Clay

Dr. Jason Clay


Our 2012 James Beard Foundation Leadership Awards will be held at New York City's iconic Hearst Tower one week from tomorrow! As promised, we're introducing you to each of the five visionaries being honored for their outstanding contributions to creating a healthier, safer, and more sustainable food world. Last week we filled you in on Dr. Kathleen Merrigan's inspiring work—and today, we'd like you to meet:


Dr. Jason W. Clay
Senior Vice President, Market Transformation, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)


How much water does it take to make one latte? A WWF short social-media video, conceived by Jason Clay, poses this trick question. The disturbing... Read more >

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