Giveaway: SousVide Supreme Demi

SousVide Supreme Demi


It’s no secret that the chasm that separates professional chefs from hobby cooks has narrowed in recent years, thanks to chefs who happily disclose their recipes and techniques in cookbooks, as well as to the growing can-do attitude in home kitchens.


For one of our readers, that gap is about to get even slimmer. 


SousVide Supreme, a valued James Beard House purveyor, is the maker of precise, all-in-one sous-vide water ovens. Used by Heston Blumenthal, Richard Blais, and guest chefs in the James Beard House kitchen, these state-of-the-art machines remove the guesswork from cooking, delivering mouthwatering steaks, vibrant vegetables, or moist seafood with every use.


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