Ask the Chefs: What's Your Favorite Holiday Dessert?

crème caramel


It’s no secret that chefs tend to have a sweet tooth. Here, some of our 2014 regional Best Chef award winners share their all-time favorite desserts, and where to get them. From Paris to Boston, we’ve got your cravings covered.




Justin Aprahamian / Sanford, Milwaukee

One of my favorite desserts is the simplest: my grandfather always ate brick cheese and watermelon for dessert. The refreshing, sweet melon and the salty cheese is an enduring taste memory.



Dave Beran / Next, Chicago

It’s a tie. Jordan Kahn did a carrot, yogurt, and violet dessert at Red Medicine in Los Angeles that was incredible. Each bite brought more to life. And last year at Alex Stupak’s Push Project, Lauren Resler made a traditional apple pie. It was one of the most perfect pies I have ever had: flaky crust, delicious, not too sweet, and the filling had great structure. I could eat a slice of it for breakfast every day.

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Chef Op-Ed: How to Feed the World, Hari Pulapaka


From health professionals and farmers to chefs and activists, it seems like the food system is on everyone's minds lately. How can we channel this widespread concern into meaningful action? Below, Katherine Miller of Chef Action Network, our partner organization behind our Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change, and chef and Boot Camp alum Hari Pulapaka propose a more collaborative approach to debating policy.




Can every person in the world be fed? Yes. But only if the conversation and actions about food are realigned.


Later this week, leaders from over 190 governments will gather at the International Conference on Nutrition in Rome to debate, consider and, hopefully, commit to finding ways to provide healthy, delicious, sustainable and just food for all.... Read more >

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Eat Your Vegetables Twitter Chat on Wednesday, November 5

Swiss Chard


Want to learn more about cooking vegetables from some of the world's most renowned culinary icons? To celebrate our recently launched recipe app, we're hosting a live Twitter chat to discuss everything from inspiring recipes to helpful techniques to seasonal tips with a panel of some of the JBF Outstanding Chef award winners featured in the app. Join us on Wednesday, November 5th at 2:00 P.M. EST and ask the experts for advice! 




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Ask the Chefs: Healthy Eats


For kitchen pros, it can’t be all foie and filet mignon all the time. Below, attendees at our recent Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change share their favorite healthy eats. 




What’s your favorite healthy snack?


Anthony Lamas,  Seviche Restaurant, Louisville, KY
“I love to make a Mexican fruit salad of watermelon, jicama, and pineapple seasoned with a squeeze of lime, chile powder, and salt."


Jordan Lloyd, Bartlett Pear Inn, Easton, MD
“Anything fresh from the garden or sliced charcuterie—I feel that feeding the soul is a healthy decision.”

Ana Sortun, Oleana, Boston
“My favorite organic, sugar-free chocolate bar with a spoonful of sunflower butter, or a frozen banana and almond milk in the blender to make a quick soft-serve.”



When you give in to an... Read more >

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Ask a Chef: What’s Your Favorite Sandwich?



While we were pondering the art of sandwichmaking, it seemed only natural to tap our All-Star Chefs—who will be traveling around the country as part of the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America culinary tour this fall—for their picks. Below, our top toques fill us in on their favorite sandwiches.




Grant Achatz (Chicago / October 17-18)
“A Potbelly sandwich works. I like the vegetarian with everything on it. It’s fresh, warm, delicious, and inexpensive.”


Daniel Boulud (NYC / October 10-11)
“My favorite is a Provençal pan bagnat. It’s focaccia-style bread with cucumbers, avocado, eggs, olive oil–poached tuna, tomatoes, lemon zest, basil, and olive oil, and then it’s pressed. With it I would drink rosé!”


Ludo Lefebvre (Boston / October 24-25)
“As a French chef, I think the croque monsieur is the king of sandwiches. It’s crispy... Read more >

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Ask a Chef: Mike Isabella's Culinary Travel Inspiration


For our travel issue of JBF Notes, we asked top toques about their favorite international locales for culinary inspiration. Below, chef Mike Isabella of Kapnos, Graffiato, and G Sandwich in Washington, D.C., shares his picks for Lima, Peru:


Some of the vegetables and seafood in Peru are unlike anything you can get anywhere else in the world. It's so fresh and unique.


Chef Gaston Acurio's La Mar is a really special place. Gaston is one of the most talented chefs in the world, and La Mar was so successful in Lima he opened locations in New York and San Francisco. Memorable dishes include the sea urchin ceviche and the black clam ceviche.


Ayacucho for the coy (guinea pig). Trying it is a really unique experience. It's marinated, then deep-fried for twenty minutes. It's flavorful and falls off the bone. 

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Ask a Chef: Where to Eat in Hong Kong

For our travel issue of JBF Notes, we asked top toques about their favorite international locales for culinary inspiration. Below, 2014 JBF Outstanding Pastry Chef award winner Dominique Ansel shares his picks for Hong Kong:


Lamma Island (photo by Andy Enero)



Taking a little ferry from Hong Kong to Lamma Island for seafood was an unforgettable experience. Something as simple as shrimp was so sweet and tender and worked perfectly with sliced fresh chiles and soy sauce. And don’t forget to try the mantis prawn, or “pissing shrimp,” which comes with a mountain of fried garlic.


Dim Sum

Whether you try one of the aged institutions like Lin Heung Tea House, choose a crowd favorite like Maxim’s City Hall, or go for the fine-dining Michelin star–rated dim sum in the Four Seasons’ Lung King Heen, I really believe that trying fresh-made dim sum can be such an inspiration. Every... Read more >

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Ask a Chef: Where to Eat in San Sebastián, Spain

For our travel issue of JBF Notes, we asked top toques about their favorite international locales for culinary inspiration. Below, chef Bryce Shuman and GM Eamon Rockey of the 2014 JBF Award–nominated Betony share their picks for San Sebastián, Spain:


Bar Zeruko (photo by Anders Lanzen)


San Sebastián’s gastronomic community resonates with a strong sense of pride in regional Basque culinary tradition, from their pintxo bars to some of the world’s most famous food destinations. Don’t miss:


Bar Zeruko for the amazing array of highly progressive tapas.


The market under the Plaza de la Brecha for the city’s finest selection of produce and seafood.


Gran Paladar for the best olives and cured meat in the city. (The family who owns it is the archetype for the city: passionate, kind, hospitable, and warm!)

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Ask a Chef: Where to Eat in Lima, Peru

For our travel issue of JBF Notes, we asked top toques about their favorite international locales for culinary inspiration. Below, JBF Award winner Rick Bayless shares his picks for Lima, Peru:




“Lima has all the right components to be a world-class food city: a rich history, incredible ingredients, and ambitious chefs.”


Malabar is a great example of modern Peruvian cooking—if you plunked this place down in New York, it’d be the most popular restaurant in town.


El Chinito and La Lucha are two great spots for one of Peru’s quintessential eats: the pork sandguches (sandwiches).


If you can get there during Mistura, the huge food festival, you’re in for a fine time. When I was there I fell in love with the chancho en palo (boned-out pigs roasted over huge fires), the sparkling ceviches... Read more >

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Edward Behr on How to Eat Better in 2014

Edward Behr on How to Eat Better in 2014


In his new cookbook, 50 Foods: The Essentials of Good Taste, noted culinary expert Edward Behr guides readers on how to select, prepare, and most importantly, enjoy, some of the world’s best foods. To help us get the new year started off right, here are Behr’s top ten tips for a delicious 2014. — JBF Editors


1. Eat better apples.

Most of the apples in supermarkets have been picked too soon, and even if they were stored well, they’ve spent too long in the distribution pipeline and then sat too long in displays without refrigeration. They’re not at their best. Instead go to a farmers’ market or a store that cares about fruit and offers great varieties with real flavor, such as Ashmead’s Kernel, Duchess of Oldenburg, Esopus Spitzenburg, Newtown Pippin, Wickson Crab, Pink Pearl, and Macoun (the best of the McIntosh family). Any of those are good for eating out of hand and are also excellent for cooking.


2. Eat fresher,

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