Awards Watch: Matt Haley to Receive 2014 Humanitarian of the Year Award

Matt Haley will recieve the 2014 James Beard Award for Humanitarian of the Year award


The James Beard Foundation has named Matt Haley, a Delaware-based chef, restaurateur, and global philanthropist, as the recipient of the 2014 James Beard Foundation Humanitarian of the Year award. This esteemed award is given to an individual or organization whose work in the realm of food has improved the lives of others and benefited society at large. Matt Haley will be honored at this year’s James Beard Awards, the culinary industry’s most prestigious recognition program, on Monday, May 5, 2014 at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in New York City.


Read the full press release here.

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Awards Watch: Sirio Maccioni to Receive 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award

Sirio Maccioni, one of New York City's most iconic restaurateurs, will receive the 2014 James Beard Award for Lifetime Achievement.


The James Beard Foundation is pleased to announce that Sirio Maccioni, one of New York City's most iconic restaurateurs, will receive the 2014 James Beard Award for Lifetime Achievement. Owner of the legendary Le Cirque, Maccioni has been a fixture of Manhattan fine dining for nearly 50 years, setting enduring benchmarks for hospitality and launching the careers of some of the city's most celebrated chefs. He will be honored at this year’s James Beard Foundation Awards on Monday, May 5 at New York's Lincoln Center.


Read the full press release here.

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Awards Watch: One Week Left to Submit Book Award Entries

Award Watch: One Week Left to Submit Book Award Entries


What's that sound, you ask? It's not the pitter-patter of reindeer hooves—it's the sound of JBF staff excitedly flipping through this year's batch of JBF Book Award submissions. More than 150 entries have fallen on our doorstep, including a cookbook dedicated to sprinkles, a guide to Japanese soul food, and a hefty encyclopedia of Champagne.


Got a food-focused tome to add to the mix? The deadline for 2014 Book Award submissions is Tuesday, December 17. You can submit entries here. Reacquaint yourself with all of our award categories here.

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2013 JBF Leadership Award Winner Ricardo J. Salvador


Ricardo J. Salvador
Director, Food & Environment Program, Union of Concerned Scientists


It’s not unusual for Ricardo Salvador, senior scientist and director of the Food and Environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), to log a 16-mile run before arriving at the office. As an ardent marathoner, Salvador’s running philosophy—more long-distance strategy than sprinting—is one that also defines his persistent professional drive. 


In his current role at the UCS, a nonprofit organization made up of 400,000 citizens and scientists, pairing technical analysis with advocacy, Salvador works with scientists, economists, and politicians, devoting his laser-sharp focus to remodel the current food system into a more sustainable one.


“The food system is a human creation. In theory, it should be possible for us to optimize the system to better meet our needs,” says Salvador, speaking from his office in... Read more >

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2013 JBF Leadership Award Winner Hal Hamilton


Hal Hamilton
Founder and Co-Director, Sustainable Food Lab


As a dairy farmer, rural community activist, and nonprofit director, Hal Hamilton yearned to bring the notion of sustainability from the shadows to the mainstream; he was especially eager to reach the massive agricultural corporations that dominated food production and distribution. It’s this sentiment that propelled him to found the Sustainable Food Lab, a Vermont-based consortium that spurs market-based solutions for a healthier global food system through a range of summits, events, and trainings, where he has been since 2004.


“Hal will never take status quo for the answer,” says Jan KeesVis, a 2011 JBF Leadership Award honoree and the global director of sustainable sourcing at Unilever, who regularly works alongside Hamilton as the current co-chair of the Food Lab’s advisory board. “He’s taught me... Read more >

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2013 JBF Leadership Award Winner Gus Schumacher


Gus Schumacher
Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Policy, Wholesome Wave


Gus Schumacher’s agricultural ancestry dates back to the mid-1800s, when his great-grandfather sowed seeds on what is now 72nd Street in Manhattan. His grandfather worked the land in Flushing, Queens, before his father moved the family farm to Boston, where he and his children tilled until 1968. The love of the land is in his blood.


“I want to help people who are hungry get access to the vegetables and fruits that my family has grown over the last 120 years,” says Schumacher. “That’s where my passion comes from.”


He may have flown the coop, so to speak—Schumacher headed off to Harvard, for an education that he funded with... Read more >

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2013 JBF Leadership Award Winner Marion Nestle


Marion Nestle
Paulette Goddard Professor, Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health and Professor of Sociology at New York University


For those of us involved in the food world, it’s hard to remember that many of the truths we take as a given—that advertising influences how we eat as a country, often detrimentally; that agricultural programs sometimes protect businesses rather than people; that public policy can be a powerful tool in shifting how Americans eat and, consequently, their health—are relative newcomers in the national discourse. The person directly responsible for raising these points, along with countless other critical questions about the food-related intersections between science, culture, and politics? Dr. Marion Nestle.


The author of the groundbreaking Food Politics, as well as several other seminal books such as Safe Food, What to Eat, and... Read more >

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2013 JBF Leadership Award Winner Cynthia Hayes


Cynthia Hayes
Executive Director, Southeastern African-American Farmers Organic Network (SAAFON)


Cynthia Hayes spent many childhood summers on her family’s tobacco farm in Kentucky and fondly recalls the “stinky pile” that existed in the corner of her uncle’s field. “He was composting,” she says with a laugh. “We just weren’t calling it that back then.”


The visionary environmentalist, who started the Southeastern African-American Farmers Organic Network (SAAFON) approximately five years ago, encountered a series of roadblocks, among them many people who asked her why African-American row croppers would consider such a niche market. “Why wouldn’t they?” she remembers asking in response. “When you look historically and culturally at black farmers, they were originally organic producers. But they were also out of the loop in terms of... Read more >

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Awards Watch: Calling All 2014 Entries!

2014 James Beard Awards Call for Entries


JBF is now accepting entries for the 2014 James Beard Awards!


Entries for our Book; Broadcast and New Media; Journalism; and Restaurant Design categories can be submitted here. Entries for Restaurant and Chef awards consideration have a separate portal, which is here. Please note that you may submit up to two entries per subcategory of the Restaurant and Chef awards.


Submission deadlines are as follows:


Book awards: December 17, 2013

Restaurant and Chef awards: December 31, 2013

Broadcast and New Media awards and Journalism awards: January 9, 2014

Restaurant Design awards: January 20, 2014


Our Restaurant and Chef award semifinalists will be announced February 19, 2014. Finalists for every award subcategory will be... Read more >

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2013 Leadership Award Recipients Announced

The 2013 James Beard Foundation Leadership Award recipients


Today the James Beard Foundation unveils its 2013 crop of Leadership Award recipients. These individuals, whose work strives to create a more healthful, sustainable, and safe food world, will be honored on October 21 at the Hearst Tower in New York City. Read up on the recipients below, then read the full press release here.




Hal Hamilton

Founder and Co-Director, Sustainable Food Lab:

For supporting food companies, nonprofits, and farmers to demonstrate and scale sustainability in the global food supply.


Cynthia Hayes

Executive Director, Southeastern

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