JBF Leadership Award Winner Malik Yakini


Following last week's JBF Leadership Awards ceremony, we're sharing videos of all our inspiring 2012 honorees making their acceptance speeches, as well as their contributions to our third annual JBF Food Conference. Today we present: Malik Yakini (Executive Director, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network), whose acceptance speech—and introduction by 2011 JBF Leadership Award winner Will Allen—is shown in the video above. In the video below, you'll find his talk at the conference: "Big Ideas from the Ground Up."



For more information about JBF Leadership Award winner Malik Yakini, check out his full profile... Read more >

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Watch Patent Attorney Dan Ravicher Speak at the JBF Food Conference

Last year Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT), a not-for-profit legal services organization, filed suit on behalf of 60 family farmers, seed businesses, and organic agricultural organizations against Monsanto Company, challenging the corporation's patents on genetically modified seed. (Since the initial filing, the number of plaintiffs has risen to 83.) Dan Ravicher, PUBPAT's executive director and counsel to the plaintiffs in the case, which is now known as Organic Seed Growers & Trade Association, et al. v. Monsanto, spoke at our food conference last week. Watch:


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JBF Leadership Award Winner Jason Clay


Last week was a big week: we held our second annual JBF Leadership Awards and our third annual JBF Food Conference. The 2012 JBF Leadership Awards honored five visionaries for their outstanding contributions to creating a healthier, safer, and more sustainable food world—and we were fortunate to have each winner participate in our conference. It was an inspiring and thought-provoking two days, and we'd like to share some of the action with you. Over the next several days, we'll share videos of all the JBF Leadership Award winners making their acceptance speeches, as well as their contributions to the conference.


First up: Dr. Jason Clay (Senior Vice President, Market Transformation, World Wildlife Fund), whose acceptance speech—and introduction by JBF Award Winner John Besh—is shown in the video above. In the video below, you'll find his conversation with journalist Frederick Kaufman, "Food and Technology, or That Organic, Free-Range Chicken Was... Read more >

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Got Trust? The Milk Panel at the JBF Food Conference


One of the most lively panels to take place at this week's conference explored one of the most elemental foods in the human diet: milk. You can watch author Anne Mendelson, New York State dairy farmer Audrey Donahoe, the National Dairy Council's Jim Mulhern, and moderator Urvashi Rangan discuss the history and industrialization of the beverage in the above video. The participants also took a number of questions from the audience; watch these exchanges below:



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Wendell Berry at the JBF Food Conference


Here's farmer, poet, and author Wendell Berry speaking at today's food conference, which examined the role of trust in our food system. In his talk, Berry, who was also honored at last night's JBF Leadership Awards, presents his vision for a 50-year Farm Bill.


We'll be posting more footage from the conference tomorrow. You can also see all of the archived videos here.

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Watch Marcus Samuelsson Speak at the JBF Food Conference


Just moments ago, JBF Award winner Marcus Samuelsson and journalist Jane Black finished a conversation called, "Trust, A Community Approach." You can watch the footage above, and if you visit our Livestream page, you'll find an archive of all of the panels and talks that have been held so far at this year's JBF Food Conference. Make sure you're following us on Twitter for the rest of the day and use #jbfleads to track the conversation.

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Cooking Up Change: How Chefs Are Making a Difference in Our Food System

Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change


“Why did you want to be a chef?” When you’re a chef, you’re asked this question a lot. When I started cooking 24 years ago, my response was usually that I loved any and all of the following: being creative, making people happy with delicious food, working in the fast pace and controlled chaos of the professional kitchen, learning about and honoring other cultures through cuisine, playing with sharp, hot things, and that when you work in a kitchen, you never ever have to grow up.


While my love of knives and good food hasn’t lessened, in the years since I have deepened my relationship with food and my list has grown longer and more meaningful. For instance, I would add that as a chef I own my own restaurant because I want to know that every penny spent by my business goes toward supporting other businesses that are ethical and sustainable, I want to educate people on the pleasure and importance of eating seasonal, local, organic... Read more >

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Q & A with Food Journalist Fred Kaufman

Fred Kaufman, author of Bet the Farm, is a panelist at the 2012 JBF Food Conference


Visit Fred Kaufman’s website and you’ll find one sentence in the top-right corner: “the food journalist who went looking for a slice of pizza and ended up on Wall Street.” Dig deep into his reporting and you’ll find that Kaufman has exposed unsettling ties between the worlds of food and finance, which he also details in his latest book, Bet the Farm. Before he joins us as one of our moderators at the JBF Food Conference, read on to get a preview of his conference discussion and the revelations in his book.




JBF: Next week you're speaking at our... Read more >

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In Food We Trust. Or Do We?

Mitchell Davis on the 2012 JBF Food Conference


You are a conscientious shopper. You stop by the greenmarket when you can or visit Whole Foods on your way home from work. You read labels and count grams of fat. When the price doesn’t seem too out of line, you reach for organic. But do you ever question why you eat the way you do? How you’ve come to believe that some things are better or worse for you than others? For your children? For the planet?


Simply put, we trust that the food that is available to us in grocery stores, in restaurants, in schools, and at home is safe, wholesome, and nutritious. Some research suggests the food industry is the most trusted industry among consumers. And that’s the way it should be.


But an occasional outbreak of food-borne illness, an unproven nutrition claim, or an environmental incident can force us to question some things we’ve come to take for granted. What’s more, we are bombarded with information we may not even understand, let alone care about... Read more >

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Meet JBF Leadership Award Winner Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry (photo by Pam Spaulding)


The 2012 James Beard Foundation Leadership Awards are just one day away! In our final countdown to tomorrow's festivities, we're introducing you to each of the five visionaries being honored for their outstanding contributions to creating a healthier, safer, and more sustainable food world. We've already filled you in on Dr. Kathleen Merrigan, Dr. Jason Clay, Tensie Whelan, and Malik Yakini—and today, we'd like you to meet:


Wendell Berry
Farmer, Poet, and... Read more >

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