Expo Milano: Eater Visits Expo and the USA Pavilion

Food Truck Nation at the USA Pavilion (Photo: Rob Gullixson)


Big thanks to Eater for producing this gorgeous slideshow of Expo Milano, the first-ever food-focused world's fair that's open in Milan now through October. More than 140 countries have participated in the fair by building ambitious "pavilions" that showcase national cuisine, interactive exhibits, and eye-popping design. The USA Pavilion, co-led by the James Beard Foundation and the International Culinary Center, includes a state-of-the-art vertical garden and a nearby fleet of food trucks, pictured above, that offer a rotating menu of regional American foods... Read more >

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Expo Milano: Daniel Humm, Johnny Iuzzini, and More

The USA Pavilion at Expo Milano


On any given day at Expo Milano, the first-ever food-focused world's fair that's now open in Milan, visitors can experience a veritable buffet of international cuisine, state-of-the-art tech and design, and food-themed programming. Here's a sampling of what's happening at the USA Pavilion, which was produced by the James Beard Foundation and the International Culinary Center:


Terrace Talks: held on the roof of the pavilion, Terrace Talks is hosting speakers and panels on a variety of food topics. Tomorrow JBF Award–winning pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini will discuss trends in American pastry and his television career. Next week there's a talk on... Read more >

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Expo Milano: An In-Depth Video from Monacle


At Expo Milano, the first world’s fair that’s all about food, open now through October in Milan, 145 countries have assembled to celebrate cuisine and identify potential solutions to improve the global food system and feed the burgeoning world population. A showcase of national dishes, futuristic design and architecture, and other cultural assets, the fair is an unprecedented and ambitious gathering, and this video from Monacle captures its impressive and immense scope. See a cameo by Mitchell Davis, our executive vice president and USA Pavilion’s chief creative officer, at the 53-second mark. Glimpses of the USA Pavilion can be seen throughout the piece.


The James Beard Foundation and the International Culinary Center have led the production of USA Pavilion, themed "American Food 2.0," at Expo Milano. The global gathering launched May 1 and will remain open through October.

 ... Read more >

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Expo Milano: James Beard American Restaurant

The USA Pavilion at Expo Milano


No one's ever been hungry at a world's fair: nations have used these gatherings to showcase their cuisines on an international stage, while ice cream cones, waffles, popcorn, and other formerly unknown foods were popularized by enterprising fair vendors.


At Expo Milano 2015, the latest fair, which opened in Milan this month and will continue through October, guests won't just find food at the refreshment stands. Expo Milano is the first fair that's exclusively about food: its theme is “Feeding the Planet; Energy for Life," and participants have been charged with presenting possible solutions for feeding the spiking global population. Visitors to countries' pavilions can attend food-focused lectures, explore interactive exhibits about agriculture and cooking, and admire state-of-art, food-inspired design, such as the JBF-... Read more >

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Introducing the Better Burger Project™


Calling all chefs! The Beard Foundation is kicking off the Better Burger Project™, an in-restaurant menu promotion through which chefs will create a healthier, more sustainable burger by blending ground meat with finely chopped, cultivated mushrooms. Participating chefs have the chance to win a trip to NYC to prepare their “Better Burger” at the historic Beard House, at the official welcome reception for the 2015 JBF Food Conference. The promotion will run from Memorial Day 2015 to July 31, 2015. Find more info here. Once the promotion launches in May, follow all participating restaurants’ “Better Burgers” with #betterburgerproject on Instagram.

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Expo Milano: Programming Preview and NYT Coverage


Ready your forks: Expo Milano, the first world's fair that's all about food, launches this Friday. To get you up to speed, here's some recent coverage of the USA Pavilion, which was produced by the James Beard Foundation and the International Culinary Center:


USA Pavilion Blog: a preview of USA Pavilion programs, with a special focus on The Great American Foodscape, a series of vignettes on America food culture that will be on display in the building's lower level.


New York Times: the paper's "Art & Design" section highlights USA Pavilion's architectural and design features, as well as insights from... Read more >

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Expo Milano: Ten Days Until Opening Day!


Last summer, when we announced our plan to produce the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano, the first world's fair that's all about food, we had a only a few digital renderings to illustrate our vision for this monumental project. Now, with just ten days to go until opening day, we're excited to share what is perhaps our favorite dispatch from the physical site: the construction of our vertical garden. In the photo below, cherry pickers install state-of-the-art ZipGrow™ towers from Bright Agrotech, a Wyoming-based company that builds vertical gardening products. Our 7,200-foot farm will grow 42 different varieties of vegetables, grains, and herbs. ... Read more >

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Expo Milano: Construction Update and Dining Previews

The future USA Pavilion at Expo Milano


With less than three weeks to go before the first food-focused world's fair begins its six-month run in Milan, the JBF-produced USA Pavilion is coming into sharper focus each day. As seen in the above photo, our construction team has just completed the structure's western facade, emblazoned with USA Pavilion's official logo.


Team USA Pavilion has also announced their plan to open the James Beard American Restaurant at Milan's Seven Stars Galleria. Modeled on the James Beard House in New York City, the restaurant will serve as the hub of the pavilion's culinary programming, and will feature a rotating lineup of acclaimed American chefs, ingredients, and artisans. Visitors can also expect live jazz, gospel, and other entertainment on site, as well as one of our favorite gastronomic pastimes: Sunday... Read more >

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Expo Milano: Announcing Feeding the Accelerator, a Food-Sector Development Program

When Expo Milano, the first world's fair devoted exclusively to food, opens to the public next month, the USA Pavilion will present American innovations at the crossways of cuisine, tech, business, industry, and culture. This showcase will include several promising food-sector newcomers, selected and nurtured by the pavilion's recently announced Feeding the Accelerator initiative.


A collaborative incubation program, Feeding the Accelerator will provide, per its website, "not just tech and business development, but innovation development." In practice, this includes workshops, lectures, and an Expo-based advisory board of chefs, academics, designers, and other food professionals. Up to 12 entrepreneurs will be selected for mentorship.


Details and applications are available at the... Read more >

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Expo Milano: Vertical Farm Installation

The vertical farm at the USA Pavilion


Over in Milan, the future USA Pavilion is inching closer and closer to completion. Our construction team recently installed the internal frame for the structure's state-of-the-art vertical farm, which will serve as an homage to America's farming history and to Expo Milano's commitment to a sustainable future. Various crops will grow on panels that rotate for maximum sunlight exposure; the produce will be harvested for on-site dining events throughout Expo's six-month run. A rendering of the completed design feature is below.



The vertical farm at the USA Pavilion


As we’ve been reporting for several weeks now,... Read more >

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