Happy Hour: Le Père-Bis Hot Toddy


It's March, guys. The final stretch of winter. And for cocktail enthusiasts, that can only mean one thing: to warm our chilled hands and protect our weary immune systems, it's time to bust out the hot toddy. For this elegant version made with Scotch whisky and chamomile tea, acclaimed mixologist Jim Meehan of the JBF Award–winning PDT uses St-Germain to add delicate, floral undertones to this wintertime sipper. Get the recipe here for a decidedly cozy start to your weekend. 


Elena North-... Read more >

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Recipe: Hugh Acheson's Guacamole with Roasted Poblanos and Pecans


James Beard Award–winning chef Hugh Acheson would be perfectly happy to serve you an excellent, Georgia-centric meal in any of his restaurants, but it might delight him just as much to know that you were cooking a from-scratch meal at home using fresh ingredients. The Canadian chef and JBF Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change alum has parlayed his role as a judge on Top Chef into a national platform for talking about food justice and education. "Local first, sustainable second, organic third," is his mantra, and if he has his way, the art of at-home eating will become part of the national curriculum, in the form of revamped home ec classes from elementary school onward. The recipes in his book, ... Read more >

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Recipe: Gnudi with Cavolo Nero Sauce


You'll want to plan a cozy night in to throw on an apron and make this company-worthy recipe for gnudi with a rich cavolo nero sauce. Crafted from a decadent combination of goat cheese, ricotta, and Pecorino, these pillowy cheese dumplings are finished with a deliciously earthy Tuscan kale and porcini mushroom sauce. Just make sure to prepare a big batch—this recipe will have you craving seconds (or even thirds!).




Hilary Deutsch is editorial assistant at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Instagram.

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Recipe: Octopus alla Plancha with Burnt Pepperoni Vinaigrette

Photo by Stephanie Bourgeois


For many home cooks, octopus may seem like a luxury item best left to professional chefs willing to tackle the multi-tentacled delight. But the simple set-it-and-forget-it oven method in this recipe from Ohio chef Matthew Mytro erases any preconceived notion of unattainability by slowly braising the cephalopod in herbs and red wine, ultimately yielding the perfect tender texture. Mytro and his mentor Paul Minnillo of the lauded Flour Restaurant will serve their Octopus alla Plancha at the Beard House tonight as part of their dinner dedicated to “new-school” Italian cooking, but this elevated hors d’oeuvre deserves a spot at your next dinner party—you'll impress your guests firsts with your technical skills, and then with... Read more >

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Recipes: A Home Cook–Friendly Brisket, Plus Sides!


This peppery brisket from Louie Mueller Barbecue, a 2006 America’s Classic's winner, may be made in the oven, but trust us: it’s just as good as bona fide ‘cue. Start roasting your meat in the morning in order for it to be ready by dinnertime, and savor the leftovers all week long.  Get the recipe.


Because every brisket needs some stellar sides, be sure to include these dishes in your spread: James Beard’s own macaroni and cheese, plus a healthy arugula salad topped with apples and candied walnuts.



Macaroni and Cheese... Read more >

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What's Cooking: Our Favorite Cauliflower Recipes


We think it's safe to say that cauliflower is having its moment. From crispy fritters to a silky puréed base for seafood to a stand-alone vegetarian entrée, we're devouring the cruciferous edible in a myriad of... Read more >

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Happy Hour: The Patterson House's Presidential Suite Cocktail


Upgrade your standard Old Fashioned recipe with the delicious Presidential Suitea top-level, super luxe version of the classic drink. This boozy tippler is crafted by the skilled bartenders at Nashville's Patterson House, an upscale cocktail haven and newly minted 2016 JBFA semifinalist for Outstanding Bar Program. A spirited mix of bourbon, rye, and rum, this beverage also includes the satisfying... Read more >

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Recipe: Maine Potatoes with Chorizo Vinaigrette


At his charming New Hampshire eatery, Vida Cantina, chef and owner David Vargas combines the flavors of his family’s Mexican heritage with masterful technique and locally grown ingredients. Vargas recently brought his lauded cuisine to the Beard House for a one-night-only tasting menu packed with vibrant bites and beverages. A favorite from the evening: his tender, perfectly seasoned Maine potatoes dressed with a smoky, salty chorizo vinaigrette. Get the recipe and join us in potato heaven.




... Read more >

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True Grits: 5 Formulas for the Ultimate Southern Side


"There are instant grits, but no self-respecting Southerner would eat them, unless they're at a roadside place or something," says four-time James Beard Award–winning cookbook writer Nathalie Dupree. Aside from her comprehensive Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking, Dupree literally wrote the book on grits (that would be Shrimp and Grits). Along with bitter greens and corn bread, grits are one of the most iconic Southern sides. Although they're traditionally a breakfast food, simply dressed with butter and eaten with bacon and eggs, grits are a blank canvas that can take on a whole host of sweet and savory flavors.


So what exactly are grits? They're ground corn, though the resulting cornmeal can vary in texture—sometimes you'll get them with the kernel, sometimes without. Dupree prefers coarser stone-ground versions like Anson Mills and Geechie Boy Mill, which maintain more of the corn flavor. Some chefs recommend... Read more >

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Recipes: It's Valentine's Day and You Should Go For It


A home-cooked Valentine's Day dinner should be a little over the top. Roast chicken stuffed with foie gras? Bring it. Pasta carbonara topped with Dungeness crabmeat? Of course. Dark Valrhona chocolate baked into individual soufflé cups? It's a special occasion. Now's not the time to hold back. Give it your all with recipes like these:


Roasted Chicken for Two

Can chicken be sexy? This one is.


Crab Carbonara with Meyer Lemon, Black Pepper, and Parsley

You could eat this Lady and the Tramp–style, but chances are you're not going to want to share.... Read more >

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