Hanging with Harris at the Beard House


For the second installment of our Hanging with Harris at the Beard House series, Billy is in the dining room with William Grant’s Freddy May as he creates an innovative Triple Happiness cocktail to pair with Peter Chang’s Chinese New Year feast, and then it’s down to the kitchen where Chang shows him the secrets to preparing his Sichuan-style crispy pork belly. 


William Grant’s Freddy May with Billy Harris


Next week: Tune in to part three of our Hanging with Harris series when Billy is joined in the kitchen by chef Billy Oliva of New York City’s legendary Delmonico’s.

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Hanging with Harris at the Beard House


If you’ve attended the JBF Gala auction in November in the past few years, you have been entertained by Billy Harris, our annual auctioneer and the host of the web program Hanging with Harris, in which Harris travels around the country and into the kitchens, bars, and restaurants of some of the country’s most talked-about chefs, bartenders, and restaurateurs. In a recent five-part series, Harris dropped in at the Beard House to visit a few of our featured chefs as they prepared their one-night-only dinners, and also chatted with visiting William Grant & Sons mixologists, who created cocktails inspired by the chefs’ menus.


Charlotte Voisey and Billy Harris mixing up an Asian Pear Fizz


In his first episode, Harris joins William Grant’s Charlotte Voisey... Read more >

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The JBF Kitchen Cam Launches Today!

JBF Kitchen Cam


It's an exciting day at JBF! Today we're launching the JBF Kitchen Cam, a live, three-angle camera feed that captures the behind-the-scenes action and a glimpse of our visiting chefs at work. Tune in today at 5:30 P.M. to watch multiple JBF Award–winning chef Daniel Boulud and his team in the Beard House kitchen.


Tune into the JBF Kitchen Cam here and join the conversation by including #JBFKitchenCam in your tweets. 

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Announcing the JBF Kitchen Cam

Announcing the James Beard Foundation Kitchen Cam


Anyone who has ever dined at the Beard House knows that the experience includes an opportunity to pass through the townhouse's historic kitchen and see our visiting chefs at work. Starting next Monday, anyone with a computer or a mobile device will get to peep the action, too.


On March 31, we're launching the JBF Kitchen Cam, a live, three-angle camera feed that captures the excitement and atmosphere of the 200+ dining events that take place at the Beard House over the course of a year. The official launch coincides with a special dinner by JBF Award–winning chef Daniel Boulud, featuring a menu inspired by his latest cookbook and memoir, Daniel: My French Cuisine.


Tune into the JBF Kitchen Cam... Read more >

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Reel Food: The Berkshire Cure-All


Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at a James Beard House dinner? When Brian Alberg and a team of chefs came to the House recently for their annual Berkshire Cure-All event, they showed us this video about their 2013 visit. Featuring interviews with the farmers who grew the food for their seven-course menu, behind-the-scenes looks at prep and service, and even some late-night trash-talking at Prune, it's a true taste of the Beard House experience.


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Video: Looking Back on James Beard Foundation's Taste America®

Want to relive the excitement of this year's Taste America? Check out this highlight reel, featuring our Taste America All-Star chefs and some behind-the-scenes looks at all the fun we had across the country this fall.


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Reel Food: Night Kitchen Bakery & Cafe at the James Beard House


If you've dined at the James Beard House, you know that the experience includes an opportunity to walk through its storied kitchen and observe the night's visiting chefs at work. It's an exciting bit of behind-the-scenes entrée that you won't find at most restaurants, but it's still just a glimpse of what it takes to pull off a dinner in this one-of-a-kind space. Preparation can involve months of planning and coordination—and sometimes even a rehearsal or two.


The JBF Award–winning team at Friday Arts has produced a video about Philadelphia's Night Kitchen Bakery & Cafe planning its first Beard House appearance. The video documents the team's initial menu design and tails them all the way to New York City for their event, which was held in April. The video also features insights from our director of house programming, Izabela Wojcik. Watch below:


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JBF Awards Highlights!


We want to thank everyone who made last night's festivities such a huge success. Congrats to all of the winners and nominees!


Here's a highlight reel from our amazing Awards production team at Linton Media. You can see more of their work on our YouTube channel.

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Food in Film: Gourmets

From food fights to fava beans and a nice Chianti, here are some more memorable food scenes.

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Food in Film: Passion

Take a look at some steamy love scenes starring food.

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