What We're Reading: March 04, 2015


French vintners are torn over the topic of pesticide use. [NYT


Beyond roasting: chefs offer alternative takes on winter squash. [Serious Eats


Save yourself the stomach trouble by keeping an eye out for these most common sources of food poising. [The Atlantic


Have you heard of Baijiu? It’s the world’s most consumed liquor, and it’s finally making its way to the U.S. [Eater


Impress your Anglophilic friends with this recipe for classic British tea cakes. [... Read more >

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What We're Reading: March 03, 2015


Embrace your inner Pooh bear and discover the wide world of raw honey. [Serious Eats


The brave souls at Food 52 try unlikely peanut butter food combinations so you don’t have to. [Food 52


The simplest method for baking chicken. [The Kitchn


Baskin Robbins has debuted a new ice cream inspired by the SyFy Sharknado franchise. [Impulsive Buy] ... Read more >

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What We're Reading: March 02, 2015


Banana bread in a pinch: ripen green and hard bananas in just 5 minutes. [Yahoo! Food


A flowchart that will help your office eliminate food thieves once and for all. [HuffPo


There's no need to throw out those wilted greens and wrinkled red peppers in your fridge. [NYT


No longer a cherry on top: police bust Dell’s Maraschino Cherries for drug-trafficking. [Food Beast


How to choose the right cut at the butcher’s. [... Read more >

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Sustainability Matters: February 27, 2015


Swaths of new breeding programs are rolling out to combat the growing threat of a global chocolate shortage, but industry experts say we have to be careful about which types of cacao are grown to save quality and flavor. [Smithsonian


A look into the history of America’s obsession with vitamins and fortification. [Atlantic


Over half of farm workers are undocumented immigrants, but if they gain legal status, will they stay in agriculture? [... Read more >

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Staff Picks: Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Small Batch Tonic



Searching for the best small-batch, artisanal products to add to your pantry? Our staff scoured the market for you, and we've been featuring their picks all month long. For our final staff pick, see what executive vice president Mitchell Davis has to say about one of his favorite cocktail ingredients.



“Although I’m not generally looking for an excuse to drink a gin and tonic, such an excuse is exactly what Jack Rudy’s lemongrass-tinged tonic concentrate provides. Its handsome, neoclassical bottle beckons from the fridge, saying, ‘Not only will I be delicious, but also I’ll bring that old- fashioned malaria cure into today’s modern mixology milieu."




Purchase at ... Read more >

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What We're Reading: February 26, 2015


Is bone broth the new kale? [Eater


The chemistry behind the perfect cup of tea. [NPR


Forget what you know about Lime-A-Ritas: bespoke bottled cocktails are on the rise. [NYT


You're guaranteed to see these people strolling down the aisles of Whole Foods. [Thrillist


There's no need to stock your kitchen with ten different oils when you only need three to cook. [... Read more >

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Staff Picks: Elizabethan Pantry Apple Curd with Cinnamon



Searching for the best small-batch, artisanal products to add to your pantry? Our staff scoured the market for you, and we'll be featuring their picks all month long. Today we spotlight Elizabethan Pantry's Apple Curd with Cinnamon, which has found a fan in JBF assistant editor Maggie Borden


“The Truffle Cafe at Pike Place Market offers a wide variety of oils, jams, mustards, and more, but my favorite product is the Apple Curd with Cinnamon, made by Elizabethan Pantry. The company exclusively puts out products popular during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, but I’m hoping this curd makes a cultural comeback. It’s perfect on toast and scones, it’s rich and spreadable with a crisp apple flavor, and it adds a little historical flair to your everyday breakfast. It would also be delicious mixed in with fresh fruit for a crisp or pie!”



Elizabethan Pantry's products... Read more >

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What We're Reading: February 25, 2015


Could introducing infants to peanut butter actually prevent them from developing allergies? [Atlantic


Frozen weather means frozen vegetables: learn how to get the best flavor out of the freezer aisle. [Food52


The latest cocktail trend of specialty glassware suggests bars hope their customers will judge a book by its cover. [Punch


New research reveals that our oceans are becoming more acidic, endangering shellfish populations worldwide. [NPR


Unsure of what to do with all... Read more >

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Staff Picks: BLiS Barrel-Aged Fish Sauce


Searching for the best small-batch, artisanal products to add to your pantry? Our staff scoured the market for you, and we'll be featuring their picks all month long. Below, senior editor Anna Mowry tells us about her essential fish sauce.


“If you made a Venn diagram that overlapped sweet, salty, and umami, this bottle would sit right in the middle of it. BLiS, a Michigan-based gourmet purveyor, ages Vietnam’s Red Boat 40ºN Fish Sauce in charred barrels for seven months, which produces a beautifully rich and smoky condiment that’s unlike any other fish sauce out there. Try it in your favorite Thai or Vietnamese recipes, drizzle it on grilled meats and fish, or, if you’re like me, just savor a spoonful straight out of the bottle.”



Purchase at blisgourmet.com... Read more >

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What We're Reading: February 24, 2015


Expand your cheese horizons with these go-tos from the Serious Eats team. [Serious Eats


Thin Mint sourcing scrutiny: despite the Girl Scouts of America's protestations, their cookies are not the same across the country. [Eater


Do you need to use oil when roasting vegetables? [The Kitchn


A new study suggests that upping your fiber intake could be nearly as effective as traditional dieting. [Atlantic


How old is that flour in your cupboard? A list of pantry staples that expire faster than you think... Read more >

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