Recipe Roundup: March 7, 2013

blood oranges


What are your weekend cooking plans? Here are the recipes we're eyeing to cure a case of the winter-that-just-won't-quit blues.


Blood Orange Margaritas [Smitten Kitchen]

This brilliantly hued, sweet-tart cocktail is an enticing alternative to hiding under the covers until spring.


Bulgur Maple Porridge [NYT]

There's only so much oatmeal a person can eat. A warm, nutty porridge of lightly sweetened bulgur topped with nuts and dried fruit is a welcome substitute.


Irish Lamb Stew [Simply Recipes]

For a slightly simpler preparation and meltingly tender results, ask your butcher to de-bone a leg of lamb and chop it into stew-sized pieces. Don't leave out the barley; it's key.


Andy Ricker's Pad Thai [BA]

The Pok Pok chef's boldly flavored, traditional version of the usually toned-down dish is well worth a trip to your nearest Asian market to source the ingredients.


Cinnamon Rice Pudding [Saveur]

The only thing more comforting than a warm bowl of creamy rice pudding? A warm bowl of creamy rice pudding spiked with cinnamon and topped with rum-plumped raisins.

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