Recipes: Mother's Day Tea

Shuna Lydon's rose petal–vanilla bean shortbreadShuna Lydon's rose petal–vanilla bean shortbread

Instead of taking Mom out for the requisite brunch this Mother's Day, why not throw a tea party in her honor? Keep things simple with this selection of decadent homemade sweets. Rose Petal–Vanilla Bean Shortbread These rose petal–flecked cookies have a wonderful crumbly texture and a delicate sweet, floral flavor. Homemade Mallomars Make your own batch of these gooey, crunchy, chocolate-covered marshmallow treats. Butterscotch Cashew Bars Salted, roasted cashews bring out the flavor of the butterscotch in these party-ready bars from renowned baker Amy Scherber. Mocha Chip Brownies Studded with chunks of milk chocolate and injected with a jolt of espresso, these brownies from Craft pastry chef Jennifer McCoy are a delicious indulgence. Mint Truffles An impressive addition to any dessert buffet, these fresh mint–infused chocolate confections are surprisingly easy to make.

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