Sustainability Matters: August 1, 2014


A French supermarket chain aims to cut food waste by making “ugly” fruits and vegetables fashionable—and it’s working. [Grist]


Representative Rosa DeLaura has introduced a sugar-sweetened beverages tax act, known as the SWEET Act, in an effort to decrease soda consumption and raise funds for programs to combat diet-related disease. [Food Politics]


General Mills has released a new set of climate policies to cut emissions and reduce deforestation. [Mother Jones]


2014 could be the driest year in almost a century for California. Some scientists believe the drought could last for a decade or more, wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. [The Economist]


Brazilian agroecology, a movement that combines science, traditional agriculture, and social justice, is an effective way for small farmers to thrive financially and support the environment. [The Guardian]

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