Sustainability Matters: August 15, 2014


An organic farm in California aims to change the way they do business with hatcheries, launching a campaign for a sustainable chicken breeding program that does not rely on the destruction of millions of baby male chicks. [Civil Eats]


Is that a bug in your food? Insect farms are slowly gaining momentum across the country, as more Western media outlets and restaurants recognize bugs as a healthier, more sustainable alternative to meat. [Good]


A judge in Mexico has revoked Monsanto’s permit to grow GMO soy in the country, stating that it would threaten the national honey industry’s sales in Europe. [Grist]


Massachusetts is set to launch the largest food waste initiative in the country, forcing large institutions, such as supermarkets and hospitals, to donate leftover food or ship it to a compost facility instead of sending it to the landfill. [NPR]


The salt debate rages on as new research with conflicting findings could influence public health policy. [Food Politics]


Of microbes and men: new research suggests that the biome in our guts could drive eating behavior and dietary preferences. [NY Times]

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