Sustainability Matters: May 30, 2014

expiration date


In an effort to reduce food waste, European Union proposes removing “Best By” labels from items with long shelf lives. [Sustainable America via Good]


The U.S. House Appropriations Committee votes to advance a spending bill with a rider that would allow schools to opt-out of the latest nutrition regulations. [Politico]


Foodie Fashion: a design consultancy based in the U.K. has developed an organic material for shoes and clothing; it can be created with basic kitchen ingredients. [Modern Farmer]


USDA data reveals that SNAP enrollment is in decline as the unemployment rate falls and economy improves. [NPR]


A reporter, food writer, nutritionist, doctor, and sommelier taste test Soylent meal replacement. The verdict: bland, gritty, and a bit gassy. [NYT]


A German grocery store promotes its packaging-free concept. [TakePart via Good]

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