America's Classics: The Fry Bread House, Phoenix

We've arrived at the last 2012 America's Classic award-winning restaurant: The Fry Bread House in Phoenix! Learn what they're all about in the video below:


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America's Classics: Shady Glen, Manchester, CT

Here's another 2012 America's Classic inductee: Shady Glen of Manchester, Connecticut:


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America's Classics: Jones Bar-B-Q Diner, Marianna, AR

Tonight's third America's Classic award recipient is Jones Bar-B-Q Diner of Marianna, Arkansas:


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America's Classics: Nora's Fish Creek Inn, Wilson, WY

It's time to meet our second 2012 America's Classic: Nora's Fish Creek Inn in Wilson, Wyoming!


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America's Classics: St. Elmo Steak House, Indianapolis

Every year the James Beard Foundation recognizes five new America's Classics, which are restaurants with timeless appeal, beloved in their regions for quality food that reflects the character of their community. Establishments must have been in existence for at least ten years and be locally owned.


Throughout tonight's ceremony, we'll be posting videos that spotlight this year's America's Classics inductees, presented by the Coca-Cola Company. First up: St. Elmo Steak House in Indianapolis.


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Awards Watch: 2012 America’s Classics Award Honorees Announced

The James Beard Foundation Awards

Today we’re proud to announce the the newest class of America’s Classics inductees, which are listed below. You can read more about them here.

The Fry Bread House (4140 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix, Owner: Cecelia Miller)

Nora’s Fish Creek Inn (5600 West Highway 22, Wilson, WY, Owners: Nora Tygum, Trace Tygum, and Kathryn Tygum Taylor)

St. Elmo Steak House (127 South Illinois St., Indianapolis, Owners: Stephen Huse and Craig Huse)

Jones Bar-B-Q Diner (219 West Louisiana St., Marianna, AR, Owners: James and Betty Jones)

Shady Glen (840 East Middle Turnpike, Manchester, CT, Owners: William and Annette Hoch)

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America’s Classic: Noriega Restaurant and Hotel, Bakersfield, CA

Originally founded as a home away from home for shepherds, today the institution showcases the Basque culture of California’s San Joaquin Valley.

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Immaculate Infatuation: America's Classics

Crook's Corner, we're coming for you. Damn.

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America’s Classic: Crook’s Corner, Chapel Hill, NC

Since 1982, Crook’s Corner has carried the torch of regional foodways, employing and inspiring a generation of young culinary talent—including two James Beard Award–winning chefs.

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America’s Classic: Watts Tea Shop, Milwaukee

Many of the dishes at Watts Tea Shop, this fifth-generation Milwaukee institution, follow recipes that have been used since the 1930s.

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