Tweet Eats: American Artisanal Cheeses

Cheese You guys sure love American cheese! We asked our Twitter followers about their favorite artisanal American cheeses and the responses were fast, furious, and delicious. Here are just a few to whet your appetite. Got cheese on the brain? Which ones did we miss? @kmistry73: Rogue Creamery’s Smoked Blue @Jnil88: Grayson Cheese from Meadow Creek Farm, VA.. Stinky is good! @kasekaiserina: Estrella Family, Meadow Creek, Lazy Lady, @TwigFarm, Consider Bardwell, Cato Corner, Andante, Capriole. Could name so many more dairies/cheeses. Point is: the American Cheese Revolution is here! So jazzed to be a part of it. @Gaaa79: fresh goat cheese made with cranberry and honey, i think it’s made in Broksville, found it at a market in union square! @DTarch:

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The Bookshelf: Clark Wolf on Cheese

American CheesesBack when America's idea of cheese amounted to electric orange slices of, well, American cheese, Clark Wolf was stocking the shelves of his San Francisco shop with artisanal cheeses from around the country. These days small-scale American cheese production is something to be proud of, and Wolf continues to follow the transformed industry’s every move. Wolf, who now owns his own consulting company, Clark Wolf Company, will stop by this week’s

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