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Take it slow: rethink your vegetable-roasting method with this simple tip. [Bon Appétit


Milan’s Bollate prison addresses criminal issues as it opens an upscale restaurant within its walls. [MUNCHIES


Danny Meyer has partnered with Delta Airlines to improve the quality of food in the skies. [New York Times


Anthony Bourdain lists his top 10 dream dishes for his upcoming New York City food market. [Grubstreet]


What is yuzu kosho and how do I use... Read more >

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What We're Reading: October 2, 2014


How are avocados like almonds? They both need a ton of water to grow. [Mother Jones


A new company called Anti-Grain aims to bring fruit and vegetable flours to American kitchens. [HuffPo


Did your hometown make the list of the world’s best food cities? [Thrillist


PepsiCo wants to put Pop Rocks in your... Read more >

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Ask a Chef: Anthony Bourdain, where should we eat?

Anthony Bourdain JBF Award winner Anthony Bourdain is known for his audacious spirit, quick wit, and adventurous palate. He took a break between country-hopping to tell us his musings about the world’s best restaurants and the chefs who inspire him. Check out who makes his list.

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