Book, Broadcast & Journalism Chef Q & A: Anthony Sinsay


Anthony Sinsay, Burlap, San Diego


What’s your go-to guilty-pleasure food?
Ice cream.


What’s your favorite movie, and why?
Coming to America—because of Eddie f*cking Murphy.


Describe the last great meal you ate.
The last meal I shared with my family. I don’t even remember what it was, to be honest, but the presence of family is paramount to anything.


What’s the dish you’re most proud of?
My most personal dish is the sisig: crispy pork belly and shoulder with garlic chili and vinegar.


What’s your favorite movie snack?
Popcorn with brown butter.


What’s your earliest food memory?
Waking up and seeing my dad in the kitchen at 7:00 a.m., already preparing for Thanksgiving.


What do you eat for breakfast?
Lucky Charms.


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