On the Menu: 2011 Food Trends

trendsClockwise from top left: Matthew Lightner's Willamette Valley onion salad with caramelized allium vinegar, herbs, and crisp vegetables; Three Tarts Bakery mallomars, Del Posto's one-hundred layer lasagna; flavored butters at the Girl and the Goat

‘Tis the season to be predicting trends! We know that trying to find the next big thing in food isn’t an exact science, but we do have a decent track record to fall back on: in our 2010 trend forecast, we hit the mark with macarons and meatballs. So we’re feeling pretty confident that these emerging trends will make headlines in 2011: Upscale snack cakes and candy bars: The new Lulu’s Bakery in Manhattan’s

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Recipe: Jonathan Bennett's Apple–Fennel Butter

Jonathan Bennett's Apple–Fennel Butter We love the ease of eating an apple out of hand, but our appetites can't keep up with the weekly bushels from our CSAs. Thankfully, Jonathan Bennett of Moxie the Restaurant has given us an quick way to use up some of the haul: this versatile apple–fennel butter. It gives a sweet finish to grilled fish, roast chicken, or your morning toast.

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Q & A: Alexandra Guarnaschelli

Alexandra GuarnaschelliOn Thursday night the Beard House will host Cocktails and Canapés, a casual party with hors d'oeuvre prepared by a team of fantastic New York chefs (not to mention some creative cocktails shaken up by master mixologist Junior Merino). Among them will be Butter's Alexandra Guarnaschelli, who cooked at our Awards Gala last year. Here's what she had to say about what she would eat for her last meal, lessons learned in the kitchen, and the importance of farmers. James Beard Foundation: What would you eat for your last meal on earth? Alexandra Guarnaschelli: A grilled cheese and tomato sandwich on whole wheat bread with bacon (cooked in duck fat) and fried potato skins. For dessert, a whole, fresh black truffle thinly sliced and drizzled with sherry vinegar, olive oil, and sea salt.

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