Chef Op-Ed: How to Feed the World, Hari Pulapaka


From health professionals and farmers to chefs and activists, it seems like the food system is on everyone's minds lately. How can we channel this widespread concern into meaningful action? Below, Katherine Miller of Chef Action Network, our partner organization behind our Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change, and chef and Boot Camp alum Hari Pulapaka propose a more collaborative approach to debating policy.




Can every person in the world be fed? Yes. But only if the conversation and actions about food are realigned.


Later this week, leaders from over 190 governments will gather at the International Conference on Nutrition in Rome to debate, consider and, hopefully, commit to finding ways to provide healthy, delicious, sustainable and just food for all.... Read more >

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Ask the Chefs: Healthy Eats


For kitchen pros, it can’t be all foie and filet mignon all the time. Below, attendees at our recent Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change share their favorite healthy eats. 




What’s your favorite healthy snack?


Anthony Lamas,  Seviche Restaurant, Louisville, KY
“I love to make a Mexican fruit salad of watermelon, jicama, and pineapple seasoned with a squeeze of lime, chile powder, and salt."


Jordan Lloyd, Bartlett Pear Inn, Easton, MD
“Anything fresh from the garden or sliced charcuterie—I feel that feeding the soul is a healthy decision.”

Ana Sortun, Oleana, Boston
“My favorite organic, sugar-free chocolate bar with a spoonful of sunflower butter, or a frozen banana and almond milk in the blender to make a quick soft-serve.”



When you give in to an... Read more >

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On the Menu: The Fifth Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change




At JBF's upcoming Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change, taking place September 7 to 9 at the 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville, Arkansas, there will be a few stock chef activities, like a collaborative dinner prepared at the hotel's restaurant, as well as an introduction to a local purveyor. (In Bentonville, chefs will spend an afternoon at Ewe Bet Farms, home to pasture-raised and grass-fed lambs.)


Primarily, though, the three-day session will provide chefs with a unique opportunity to grow and refine their skills in the policy and advocacy arenas. The 15 participants (see the complete list here) have a schedule of presentations, workshops, and... Read more >

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JBF Hosts Fifth Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change


From September 7 to 9, 2014, more than a dozen chefs from around the country will convene for the James Beard Foundation’s fifth Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change at 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville, Arkansas.


The multi-faceted program will instruct attendees policy and advocacy skills through the lens of access and affordability of food. The three-day intensive series of workshops, conducted in partnership with the Chef Action Network (CAN) and with support from the Osprey Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, and JBF board member Eric Kessler, is designed to provide chefs with the tools they need to be effective advocates for food-system issues they believe in.


The intensive program will also feature content expertise from K. Rashid Nuri, one of the country’s foremost... Read more >

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JBF Hosting Fourth Chefs Boot Camp Next Week

JBF Hosting Fourth Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change Next Week


Next week, more than a dozen chefs from around the country are gathering for our fourth Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change at Costanoa Lodge in Pescadero, California. The three-day series of workshops, which will focus on sustainable seafood, will provide chefs with policy briefings, advocacy strategies, and other training geared toward food-system causes and campaigns. Attendees will also participate in a group harvest at Green Oaks Creek Farm and a fishing excursion on Half Moon Bay. This session's chefs include:


Cathal Armstrong, Restaurant Eve, Alexandria, VA


Kathleen Blake, The Rusty Spoon, Orlando, FL


Kirsten Dixon, Winterlake Lodge, Anchorage, AK


Duskie Estes, Zazu Kitchen + Farm, Sebastapol, CA


Ed Kenney, Town Restaurant, Honolulu


Michael Leviton,... Read more >

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JBF Hosts Third Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change


More than a dozen chefs from around the country will convene for the James Beard Foundation's third Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change at Glynwood in Cold Spring, New York, from September 15-17. The program, which was launched at the James Beard Award–nominated Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee in July 2012, is designed to provide chefs with the tools and support they require to be effective leaders and advocates for food-system change. 


"Our Chefs Boot Camp fills a critical need for hands-on policy and advocacy skills training that allows participating chefs to fine-tune their strengths and realize the difference they can make,” said Mitchell Davis, Ph.D., executive vice president of the James Beard Foundation. "Our goal is to expand... Read more >

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Letter from the President: Why Leadership Matters in the Food World


You only have to read the front page of a newspaper, flip through a magazine, or even glance at your Twitter feed to know that the world’s food system is in crisis. In our country alone, almost 15 percent of households are food insecure, American farmland has been disappearing for decades, and in the past 30 years childhood obesity has more than doubled.


Over the past several years, we have expanded our Foundation’s mission to address some of these issues and to establish and support links between the culinary arts, the community, and the key sustainability and public health issues of our time.



To encourage conversation about making our food world a healthier, safer, and more sustainable place, our Foundation gathered thought leaders three years ago for the premiere of... Read more >

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JBF's Chefs Boot Camp Heads to Louisville in May

The James Beard Foundation's Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change


As the crisis of America's food system grows ever more urgent, we at JBF believe that chefs can be some of most effective voices for change and progress. That's why we established the Chefs Boot Camp, a series of regional programs that provide chefs with policy and advocacy training.


Our next gathering is taking place at Louisville's 21c Museum Hotel from May 12 to 14, and will be attended by more than a dozen chefs from around the country. Activities will include a tour of nearby Woodland Farm, known for its sustainable farming practices, heritage livestock breeds, and biofuel program; and a meeting with Louisville mayor Greg Fischer, whose policy agenda includes strengthening the role of local food in the city.


The Chefs Boot Camp was piloted at Walland, Tennessee's... Read more >

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Cooking Up Change: How Chefs Are Making a Difference in Our Food System

Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change


“Why did you want to be a chef?” When you’re a chef, you’re asked this question a lot. When I started cooking 24 years ago, my response was usually that I loved any and all of the following: being creative, making people happy with delicious food, working in the fast pace and controlled chaos of the professional kitchen, learning about and honoring other cultures through cuisine, playing with sharp, hot things, and that when you work in a kitchen, you never ever have to grow up.


While my love of knives and good food hasn’t lessened, in the years since I have deepened my relationship with food and my list has grown longer and more meaningful. For instance, I would add that as a chef I own my own restaurant because I want to know that every penny spent by my business goes toward supporting other businesses that are ethical and sustainable, I want to educate people on the pleasure and importance of eating seasonal, local, organic... Read more >

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JBF Holds Inaugural Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change


More than a dozen chefs from around the country, including Sean Brock, Michael Anthony, and Mike Isabella, gathered at the James Beard Award-nominated Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee, this week for JBF's first Chefs Boot Camp for Policy & Change. The pilot program has been designed to provide chefs with the tools and support they require to become advocates for improving our food system. Activities included policy and media training by experts from Washington, D.C., a harvest from the sustainable garden and farms at Blackberry Farm, a collaborative dinner prepared by the participating chefs, issues education about the Farm Bill and antibiotic overuse in livestock, and strategic brainstorming about important and impactful next steps.


Read the full release here. 

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