Chris Hastings: What is New York Cuisine?

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For the New York issue of our member newsletter, JBF Notes, we asked past Best Chef award winners from regions around the country to tell us what cuisine in the Big Apple means to them, and, of course, for their must-visit spots when they're in town. We'll be posting their responses throughout the week. Next up: Chris Hastings, winner of the 2012 Best Chef: South award and chef of Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Alabama.


What is New York cuisine?


For me, New York City is a place I go to experience the best food this country has to offer on all levels, from small hole-in-the-wall neighborhood spots that have been around for years to the finest restaurants in the country and everything in between. I usually go for work with a side of enjoyment, but my visits are guaranteed to refresh ideas and ignite inspiration.


Favorite restaurants?

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Ask a Chef: Chris Hastings, Where Should We Eat in Birmingham, Alabama?

Chris Hastings


When Chris Hastings isn't serving up his brand of refined farm-to-table cuisine at the acclaimed Hot and Hot Fish Club, the 2012 JBF Award winner can be found checking out his local dining scene. “Birmingham is a small city bursting at the seams with authentic, locally-owned restaurants,” he says. Here are a few of his favorite spots.


Late Night Dining

Cantina on Wheels

“Birmingham’s first and only authentic Mexican food truck also serves the best garlic cheese fries and rice and beans. They can be caught late night in the Lakeview area.”


Quintessential Alabama Cooking

Saw’s BBQ

“We love this place for quintessential Alabama barbecue. Lots of awesome go-to comfort food. They're known for their signature sauces, and my... Read more >

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