Reel Food: The Low Brow to High Brow Trend

Way back in July, when we were sipping Champagne in the Hamptons with Julian and Alex from the Four Seasons, we asked a few of the talented chefs who were serving up amazing nibbles what they thought about the trend of low brow foods (think hot dogs and pizza) making the switch to upscale dining menus.

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Eye Candy: Beard House

Strawberry soup Pastry chef Jennifer Yee of Aureole served this cold strawberry soup at the Beard House last Tuesday. To keep the sweetness in check, she included a scoop of tangy queso fresco ice cream and a teetering slab of ancho meringue. Take a look at more pictures from the meal, which also featured the cooking of JBF Award winner Chris Lee, Jason Dady, and Daniel Patino. August 25, 2009, The Beard House, NYC (Photo by Erin Gleeson)

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