The Bookshelf: Momofuku

David Chang and Peter Meehan discussed the Momofuku cookbook at the James Beard House

Arguably the decade’s most thrilling American chef, David Chang is the guy everyone else wants to emulate. But like his fluid, fast-and-loose menus, the guy’s formula for success is elusive—even to himself. Nevertheless, Chang and his buddy, writer Peter Meehan, dropped by yesterday’s Beard on Books to try to shed a little light on the making of the Momofuku cookbook and the cookbooks they dream of owning.

“I have this neurotic fear that our restaurants are all going to close tomorrow,” Chang confessed. “That’s sort of why we wrote Momofuku—we just wanted to chronicle everything that’s happened.”

Indeed, the book is decidedly Chang’s vision, slamming doors in the faces of convention and compromise. “I didn’t want to include a glossary of ingredients and where to get them,” the chef said. “We don’t spoonfeed

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Reel Food: Vegetarianism According to Momofuku

Last week David Chang and the Momofuku crew did the unthinkable and cooked a vegetarian menu at the Beard House. But striking meat from the meal couldn't knock the team off their game, as Chang's creative, freewheeling approach to food remained on full throttle. Check out the video to see his colleague, Peter Serpico, explain their take on pea soup: Here is a photo of the final dish—Pea Soup with Dashi, Burnt Pea Tendrils, and Honeydew Melon and Watermelon Balls:

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Eye Candy: Eckerton Hill Farm Cherry Tomatoes with Tofu, Shiso, and Sesame

salad_427x318Some didn't think he could make a meatless meal, but David Chang proved he was up for the challenge with his delicious vegetarian dinner at the Beard House last night. A highlight of the evening? His Eckerton Hill Farm cherry tomato salad with tofu, shiso, and sesame. We teased you with the menu yesterday, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Hungry for more? Check out the gallery of mouthwatering images from the event. August 20, 2009, The Beard House, NYC (Photo by Krishna Dayanidhi)

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On the Menu: David Chang Goes Vegetarian

David Chang Think it’s hard to get into Momofuko Ko? Try getting a vegetarian-friendly meal out of David Chang, whose menus have famously warned off non-meat eaters. But did you ever wonder what this multiple JBF Award winner would make if he couldn’t use pork (or beef, or chicken...)? Well, we did, and the lucky diners who snagged seats at tonight’s dinner at the Beard House are about to find out. Here’s a sneak peek at the menu: Hors d'Oeuvre: Smoked Potato Salad with Fines Herbes and Dill Granité Salt-Pickled Celeriac Sheets with Squash Farce, Donburi, and Chervil Red Ball Radishes with Butter, Poppy Seeds, and Black Sea Salt Dinner: Eckerton Hill Farm Cherry Tomatoes

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