Apron Anxiety: Drew Nieporent

Spotted Spike's former boss, Drew Nieporent! I had one question for him...."Should I really marry this guy?" Drew kinda dodged the answer! He said, "If I were gay, I could answer you, but I'm not!" WTF does that even mean?! Regardless, we took a picture together, nice 'n cozy, as he said "Let's make your man jealous." Right on.

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Snack: All-Access at What Cost?

Drew Nieporent just offered her $100 for her backstage pass.

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On the Menu: Next Year in Food

Next Year in FoodTwo weeks ago we gave you our dining predictions for 2010—now it's time to hear from the real experts. We contacted chefs and restaurateurs like Drew Nieporent, Nancy Silverton, and Tony Mantuano to hear what they think is in store for the industry next year. Click here to find out what they told us.

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