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Gastropolis"Is it any wonder in a city where apartments are built without kitchens and restaurant reservationists receive extravagant gifts from strangers that dining out in New York is inextricably linked to identity? In the realm of culturally marked behaviors, eating in New York is a triple whammy: you are what you eat, you are where you eat, and you are because you eat out." So says JBF vice president Mitchell Davis in "Eating Out, Eating American: New York Restaurant Dining and Identity," one of the many essays in Gastropolis: Food and New York City. Davis, along with the book's editors, Annie Hauck-Lawson and Jonathan Deutsch, will be on hand for our next session of Beard on Books on Wednesday. On Thursday we'll recap what is sure to be a fascinating discussion, but for now Mitchell suggests the ideal locales for various foodie posturings in the city that never

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