On the Menu: Erin Gleeson's Culinography in the Greenhouse Gallery

foie gras tacoOur latest Greenhouse Gallery exhibit has installed itself along with the new year, and it features the photography of Erin Gleeson, freelance photographer and instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Gourmet, and Edible. (She's also shot a number of our events, a couple of which you can check out here and here.) For her show at the James Beard House, Gleeson has assembled a broad selection of subjects, including desserts by New York's most dynamic pastry chefs, like the foie gras–chantilly taco by Pichet Ong (pictured above). There are also striking images of

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Eye Candy: Greenhouse Gallery

Michael Harlan Turkell Our next exhibit in the Greenhouse Gallery opens today, featuring the candid photography of Michael Harlan Turkell. Once an aspiring chef, Turkell now documents the choreography of restaurant kitchens, highlighting the fascinating coexistence of order and chaos that often remains out of the diner's view. His award-winning photography has appeared in Saveur, Edible Brooklyn, Edible Manhattan, and New York magazine, among others. He has also photographed a number of dinners at the Beard House (click here and here to see some of his work for us). Turkell's images will be on view through the end of October

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Eye Candy: The Boar Hunt in the Greenhouse Gallery

Brad FarmerieLocated where diners meet and mingle before meals, the Greenhouse Gallery at the Beard House exhibits the works of up-and-coming and established artists who work with culinary themes. Currently on display is The Boar Hunt, a photo series by Peter Frank Edwards that documents the hunting, butchering, and cooking of a wild boar in the wilderness of South Carolina's Santee River Delta. "The premise was to get a great chef and put him with some great hunters and let them learn and experience different things from each other," says Edwards. The great chef? Brad Farmerie of NYC's Public, Double Crown, and the Monday Room. "Brad has a passion for pork, but had never hunted and harvested a pig," says Edwards. "We had a great and challenging time working on the project together. Chest-deep swamp water, long hikes through the swamp, listening for the pigs." The work was commissioned by Men's

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