On the Menu: Week of March 3

Chefs assemble in the kitchen at the Beard House.


Here's what's on deck at JBF next week:


Sunday, March 3, 12:00 P.M.

Great Neighborhood Brunch

A protégé of Marc Vetri, Pat Szoke is swiftly earning his own laurels for his innovative approach at the Industry, the aptly named Philadelphia gastropub where local chefs and restaurateurs flock during their time off. This delightful brunch will highlight chef Szoke’s whimsical, modern twists on familiar comfort fare.


Monday, March 4, 7:00 P.M.

Philippe Chin and Friends

Philippe Chin first gained acclaim as the JBF Award–nominated chef of Philadelphia’s Chanterelles, and over the years he has brought his inventive Asian cooking to restaurants along the eastern seaboard. At this reunion dinner, some... Read more >

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Eat this Word: Guanciale

guancialeWHAT? Babbo's bacon. Popularized in this country by chef Mario Batali, guanciale is salt-cured, dried pigs' cheek; pancetta, which may be substituted for it, is made from the belly of the pig. The name comes from guancia, which means "cheek" in Italian. Guanciale, a main ingredient in spaghetti all'amatriciana, is especially common in the cooking of central Italy. The Babbo website notes that though guanciale "is leaner than traditional pork pieces, it has a noticeably richer flavor. It is this richness, combined with a delicate porkiness, that more than merits the meat's three-week drying period. Making guanciale may require a little more planning than simply buying good-quality bacon or pancetta, but its abundance of flavor distinguishes guanciale from the rest, making every dish that much more succulent." WHERE?

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