The Bookshelf: Chefs Can Save the World

The James Beard Foundation asks chef and author Jeremy Barlow's for five ways to green your kitchen

Jeremy Barlow helms the kitchen at Tayst, Nashville’s first green-certified restaurant, but it’s his new book, Chefs Can Save the World, that’s been making waves. “Greening our nation’s restaurants will create the kind of demand for sustainably grown food required to truly change the food system,” he says. Curious how home cooks can pitch in? Here, Jeremy shares five simple ways to green your own kitchen.



By cooking food that is local, in season, and grown in an environ-mentally and socially responsible manner, you take a giant step away from the many perils of factory farming.



Rather than rinsing dishes with running water before loading the dishwasher, keep a tub of soapy water in... Read more >

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On the Menu: Taste of Tennessee

Jeremy Barlow The first certified green restaurant in Nashville, Tāyst impresses diners with its dedication to sustainability and local sourcing, but it’s chef Jeremy Barlow’s skillful, modern cooking that keeps them coming back. Join us tonight for a, well, taste of the playful American cuisine and intriguing wine pairings for which Barlow is known. Click here to make a reservation.
Hors d’Oeuvre Quinoa Hush Puppies with Mead and Wildflower Honey Hot Chicken with White Bread and Slaw Sarsaparilla and Pork Bread Pudding with Tarragon and Barbecue Crème Fraîche BLTs > Olive Oil Shortbread with Basil, Spinach, and Tomato Gelées, Bacon Dirt, and Vanilla Glass Cherry Tomatoes with

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Recipe: Summer Vegetable Terrine

Summer Vegetable Terrine After two months of slicing them for salads, pastas, and everything in between, you might think you’ve exhausted all options for summer squash, but this colorful, summery terrine from Tāyst’s Jeremy Barlow will revive your appreciation for this vegetable’s versatility. Seasoned with an unexpected duo of lemon verbena and tarragon, the dish is then baked until tender. Get the recipe here.

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