On the Menu: May 23 through May 29

Here’s what’s happening at the Beard House next week: Sunday, May 23, 12:00 P.M. Blue Ribbon Book and Brunch The chef-owners of the longtime haunt of NYC chefs and in-the-know foodies, Blue Ribbon Brasserie, have met success with their every undertaking, which now number eight restaurants and a new cookbook. We are excited to welcome them to the Beard House for a brunch that’s sure to please their many devotees. Monday, May 24, 7:00 P.M. Cookin’ in the Bluegrass It ain’t called the Bluegrass State for nothin’: Kentucky’s verdant lands nourish exceptional produce, plump livestock, and a burgeoning local-food movement. For a preview of our

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Apron Anxiety: All Work and No Play

Brad Grossman, chef at Minibar, is taking 4:40 A.M. Amtrak train home to work tomorrow! When we asked José if he could sleep in, he said, "Ah. No. Brad must work."

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Apron Anxiety: Q & A with Top Chef's Mike Isabella

AA: How is José [Andrés] REALLY as a boss? Mike Isabella: José as a boss is energetic and edgy. He's tough. He has high expectations.  He's not a screamer.... anymore. He's calmed down a little because he's just so successful and so busy, he doesn't have time to sweat the small stuff. AA: You just got married and I'm about to marry a chef myself ...should I run? MI: Some of us are definitely marriage material—but not all! If you're gonna be a chef's wife you're not going to see a lot of him. And you've got to be very, very, very secure.

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On the Menu: April 4 through April 10

Here’s what’s happening at the Beard House and around the country next week:

Monday, April 5, 7:00 P.M.
Best of Burke
Cook, entrepreneur, inventor: David Burke embraces each of these roles with an unmatched energy and passion. We’re thrilled to welcome the award-winning chef and the protégés who oversee his myriad restaurants for what’s sure to be an evening of showstopping, forward-thinking cuisine.

Tuesday, April 6, 7:00 P.M.
Farm to Table
Sure, plenty of restaurants use sustainable ingredients, but only a select few, including Harvest in Madison, Wisconsin, made it onto Gourmet’s list of... Read more >

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Ask a Chef: José Andrés, what are your favorite Spanish ingredients?

José Andrés There's a lot to admire about José Andrés: he dreams up food that's delicious, innovative, and playful, and has an infectious passion for his cuisine and country. We asked the JBF Award Winner to share his favorite Spanish ingredients with us—take a look at them here.

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MemorEATS: José Andrés

“When I was just starting out I worked in a restaurant where I prepared canelones, Catalan stuffed pasta. The restaurant’s dining room had a huge fish tank. And we had a pan as long as me that we used for the canelones. One day I was showing off and brought the hot pan right out of the oven and into the dining room. I lost control and somehow managed to dump it into the fish tank!” –JBF Award Winner José Andrés

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