Super Bowl Recipe: Duck Wings with Asian Chili Sauce

duck wings

We may not all be rooting for the same team this Sunday, but everyone can unite behind wings and their indispensable role in any game-day spread. In this Asian-inspired recipe from JBF Award winner Keith Luce, the standard wing gets a serious upgrade: Luce swaps out quotidian chicken for succulent duck, which is cured in brown sugar and spices for three days. The wings then enjoy a long soak in warm fat, followed by quick dip in frying oil. Shellacked in a glaze of sweet chili sauce, rice wine vinegar, and sambal olek, these drumettes won't last long beyond the coin toss. Get the recipe here.

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MemorEATS: Keith Luce

"We had wild asparagus growing on our family farm in Long Island, and I used to go hunting for it with my grandmother in the late spring. She was from the South and believed first and foremost in natural ingredients and freshness. She would always say, “Sugar, we need to start the water boiling before we come home with the asparagus. If we have to wait for it to boil, it won’t be fresh enough.'" –JBF Award Winner Keith Luce

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