Marcia “The Tablehopper” Gagliardi: Crocs

I don't even have to show what this gentleman's footwear is tonight.

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Eat this Word: Lardo

lardo-claudio-cicali WHAT? Chewing the fat. Though Corby Kummer described lardo as "heaven on bread" in a 2005 New York Times article, this porky product is actually made from the layer of fat located directly under a pig's skin, which is then seasoned and cured. For most Americans, a slice of pork fat wasn't always the most appetizing antipasto, but in recent years this delicious Italian delicacy has been winning over fans on this side of the Atlantic, thanks in part to celebrity chefs like Mario Batali, whose lardo pizza at his NYC eatery Otto has become a favorite of critics and diners alike. After all, what self-respecting carnivore can argue with paper-thin slices of seasoned, glistening, translucent fat delicately draped over pizza dough—or any other carbohydrate for that matter? But in Italy, long before it was the ingredient del giorno, lardo was traditionally peasant fare, made from the fat that remained after the pig was butchered

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Recipe: Tacchino Ripieno alla Lombarda (Stuffed Turkey Lombardy-Style)

Molto Italiano When it comes to his Thanksgiving centerpiece, Mario Batali skips the whole bird and just opts for the breasts, which he slathers with a mixture of sausage, prosciutto, and other robust Italian flavors. It's a Northern Italian approach so tasty that you'll want to free up some extra room on your dining room table to accommodate it.

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