The Bookshelf: Paula Wolfert

Mediterranean Clay Pot CookingWarm and full of integrity. That’s how Barbara Haber described JBF Award winner Paula Wolfert and her recipes at Beard on Books last week. After the introduction, Wolfert gave us some background about her lifelong love affair with cooking and the foods of the Mediterranean. She quit college to attend Le Cordon Bleu and went on to work with James Beard when she was only 19. After a very hard and tiring summer doing catering jobs with John Clancy, she decided to go to Morocco. According to Wolfert, in the 1950s, “if you were a writer and a beatnik, you went to Tangiers.” She didn’t go for the food, but it worked its way into her cooking, and she expanded out into the rest of the Mediterranean and, as she says, “it swept me away.” She went on in 1973 to write Couscous and other Good Food from Morocco, which became the definitive sourcebook for Moroccan cuisine.

Years later, Wolfert has penned over a dozen... Read more >

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