MemorEATS: Traci Des Jardins

"'Eat' was my first word. I used to sit in my high chair every morning with great anticipation, waiting to be served my oatmeal with butter and brown sugar while banging my spoon on the tray and chanting 'Eat, eat, eat!'" –JBF Award Winner Traci Des Jardins

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MemorEATS: José Andrés

“When I was just starting out I worked in a restaurant where I prepared canelones, Catalan stuffed pasta. The restaurant’s dining room had a huge fish tank. And we had a pan as long as me that we used for the canelones. One day I was showing off and brought the hot pan right out of the oven and into the dining room. I lost control and somehow managed to dump it into the fish tank!” –JBF Award Winner José Andrés

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MemorEATS: Odessa Piper

"Once, to break the tyranny of a long flight I emulsified a pat of butter that came with the dinner roll into the vinaigrette that came from the salad and made a passable beurre blanc using heat from the plate the entrée came on. I topped that with a pinch of Malden salt (I keep a small tin of it with me at all times). It was an improvement." –JBF Award Winner Odessa Piper

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