Megan & MHT: Pok Pok

Sweet and savory steamed Thai rice cakes in three flavors: cantaloupe, banana with durian, and pumpkin with shallots. We asked his team how they tame smelly durian fruit. "Enough banana and sugar is all it takes," they said.

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Megan & MHT: Tom Douglas

Nominee Tom Douglas and his wife prepared for the evening with a strenuous day of sandwich eating around town. The morning started with an egg sandwich near their hotel followed by what they're sure was the entire menu at Prune. Just a hop across Houston provided a bagel with lox at Russ & Daughters (a favorite amongst the chefs walking the carpet). Next came a pastrami sandwich down the way at Katz's. Enough? Not quite. Last stop, a porchetta sandwich at Sara Jenkins's Porchetta with crispy potatoes, the memory of which brought a big ol' grin to Douglas's face. Fortifying.

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Eye Candy: Greenhouse Gallery

Michael Harlan Turkell Our next exhibit in the Greenhouse Gallery opens today, featuring the candid photography of Michael Harlan Turkell. Once an aspiring chef, Turkell now documents the choreography of restaurant kitchens, highlighting the fascinating coexistence of order and chaos that often remains out of the diner's view. His award-winning photography has appeared in Saveur, Edible Brooklyn, Edible Manhattan, and New York magazine, among others. He has also photographed a number of dinners at the Beard House (click here and here to see some of his work for us). Turkell's images will be on view through the end of October

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