James Beard's Recipe Box: Myrtle Allen’s Brown Bread

Welcome to our maiden voyage into James Beard's Recipe Box, where JBF editors and guest writers will report on their experiences preparing recipes from James Beard's timeless cookbooks. Our first contributor is Moira Campbell, who attempts Myrtle Allen's brown bread from Beard on Bread. (If she inspires you to give this bread a shot, you can find the recipe here.) Beard on BreadThe thought of making my own bread takes me back to culinary school, where I studied with a Swiss master baker. He taught me how to feed a sourdough starter, slice baguettes with a razor, and to be patient—very, very patient. But what if I wanted to make my own delicious bread in a few hours, minus the time-consuming proofing, rising, and steaming? James Beard was going to teach me how. My copy of the simply titled

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Jobs We Love: Moira Campbell

Moira CampbellMoira Campbell's culinary walking tours, Rum & Blackbird, only launched a few months ago, but she's already making new strides: guest tour leaders, such as chef Anita Lo, will soon be joining Moira on the streets of Hell's Kitchen, answering questions and offering greater insight into the foods that guests taste over the course of the three-hour itinerary. Click here to see how Moira keeps every aspect of the business on track, even though there aren't enough hours in the day.

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