The Bookshelf: New York Cooks (with recipe!)

New York CooksNew York City's restaurant scene moves at a breakneck speed, a fact not unnoticed by Joan Krellenstein and Barbara Winkler, who recently published New York Cooks: 100 Recipes from the City's Best Chefs. In the introduction the authors acknowledge that by the time the book would hit stores earlier this month, a few of its featured chefs will have moved on, some leading other kitchens, others traveling in search of inspiration. It's a realistic admission that rings with greater solemnity in light of the recent spate of restaurant closings we've seen in this industry that often seems unstoppable. It's also what makes this cookbook feel so special: Krellenstein and Winkler have given us a time capsule that captures the enduring spirit, resolve, and creativity of our city's chefs—proof

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