On the Menu: Week of February 8


Here’s what’s coming up at the James Beard House and around the country:

Monday, February 8, 7:00 P.M.

Chinese New Year: East and West

Chinese New Year is always a spirited celebration at the Beard House, and this year’s fusion-inspired feast is no exception. Ring in the Year of the Monkey with some of D.C.’s top toques, as Peter Chang, Scott Drewno, and K.N. Vinod prepare a jubilant meal uniting Sichuan, Cali-Asian, and Indian cuisines.


Tuesday, February 9, 7:00 P.M.

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Hanging with Harris at the Beard House


For the second installment of our Hanging with Harris at the Beard House series, Billy is in the dining room with William Grant’s Freddy May as he creates an innovative Triple Happiness cocktail to pair with Peter Chang’s Chinese New Year feast, and then it’s down to the kitchen where Chang shows him the secrets to preparing his Sichuan-style crispy pork belly. 


William Grant’s Freddy May with Billy Harris


Next week: Tune in to part three of our Hanging with Harris series when Billy is joined in the kitchen by chef Billy Oliva of New York City’s legendary Delmonico’s.

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Video: Peter Chang Returns to the James Beard House

Nearly three years after he was profiled in The New Yorker (subscription required), the famously itinerant Peter Chang seems to have gingerly set down roots. He splits his dinner shifts among three different Chinese restaurants in central Virginia, and though it's said that his exact location on any given night remains anybody's guess, we managed to pin him down for a celebration of the Year of the Snake at the James Beard House. You can watch a short video of Chang working in the kitchen below. A film from his 2012 event can be seen here.


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Video: Peter Chang Cooks at the James Beard House

For years, in-the-know food lovers have been in hot pursuit of Peter Chang, the exceptionally talented Chinese chef who famously flits among restaurants. (Calvin Trillin reported on the elusive Chang for a New Yorker profile, which you can read here—subscription required.) At Monday night's Beard House dinner, lucky guests got to taste Chang's renowned Sichuan cuisine at a special celebration of the Chinese New Year. Below is a short video from the event:

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The Bookshelf: The Oxford American 2010 Southern Food Issue

The Oxford American Southern Food issue, a love letter to the loud and proud cuisine of the American South, arrived last month, and it is essential reading for anyone who calls the region home or just appreciates great writing. Guest editor John T. Edge and a few contributors read selections from the issue at last week’s Beard on Books. For an issue dedicated to food that’s so entrenched in local history and culture, one of its most absorbing subjects is an import: Peter Chang, an elusive cook from China. In an evocative piece written by Kliman called “The Perfect Chef,” Chang flits from restaurant to restaurant, barely staying put long enough to sully his chef whites. Kliman, who is a food critic for the Washingtonian, is never far behind. He describes the taste of Chang’s food: “I had always thought the food

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