Interview with JBF Award Nominee Daniela Soto-Innes of NYC's Cosme

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For 2016 Rising Star Chef of the Year nominee Daniela Soto-Innes, cooking is all about joy. The chef de cuisine at New York City’s masa mecca Cosme (a 2015 JBF Award nominee) is well-known for greeting her staff with hugs, and turning up the radio when it’s time to get down to prep. As it turns out, such joie de vivre is a recipe for success, as critics and diners alike have packed Cosme’s tables since its opening day. We spoke with Soto-Innes about drawing culinary inspiration from her childhood, how tortillas can be a game-changer for the Mexican restaurant scene, and where she’s headed when she visits Chicago for the Beard Awards in May.




JBF: You got your first job in the food industry at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott when you were 15 years old, and continued to work for the company for the next several years.... Read more >

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Interview with JBF Award Nominee Jessica Largey of Manresa


Epicureans from around the country travel to the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains to get a taste of Manresa, where chef de cuisine Jessica Largey executes thoughtful, inventive, and elegant fare that’s steeped in the rich terroir of Northern California. Below, the 2014 nominee for our Rising Star Chef of the Year Award fills us in on her ideal kitchen playlist, earliest food memory, and thoughts on gender politics in the restaurant industry.


JBF: How would you describe your culinary style? 


Jessica Largey: I’d say that I have a naturalist approach, which is definitely something I’ve developed while at Manresa. I like using techniques that are purposeful and preserve the integrity of the product.  


JBF: What’s... Read more >

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Foodspotting: Backstage with Rising Star Chef Gabriel's Purple Sneaks

Gabriel Rucker's kicks Backstage celebrating with the Award winners *right* when they get off the stage at the the Mercedes-Benz Victory Lane. Exciting vibe in here. First up to win was Gabriel Rucker of Le Pigeon, winner of the Rising Star Chef of the Year Award. Award presenter Marcus Samuelsson told us this is the hardest category to win, as you're up against the whole country. Funny story: Gabriel nervously packed two left black shoes, and had to wear these purple sneakers with his black tie gear. Adorable!

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