JBF on the Air: Daniel Rose

Daniel Rose on Taste Matters with JBF's Mitchell Davis


Ever wonder what it's like for an American ex-pat chef in France? On yesterday's episode of Taste Matters, Mitchell Davis was joined by Daniel Rose, chef and owner of the acclaimed Spring restaurant in Paris. The pair discussed the importance of cooking in French culture, the parallels between Rose's culinary and philosophy studies, his experience as a young cook in France, and what excites him about today's culinary landscape. Listen below to learn more!


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Scholarship Spotlight: Tim Hsu

Tim HsuWe thank Irena Chalmers, author of Food Jobs: 150 Great Jobs for Culinary Students, Career Changers and Food Lovers, for this remarkable essay about Tim Hsu, who won a scholarship from Chicago's Spring Restaurant (the funds were generated by a Friends of James Beard Benefit hosted by the restaurant). Hsu, the son of Chinese immigrants, once faced a maddening decision: pursue a secure, respectable career as a doctor, or follow his passion for food and become a chef. Hsu gravitated toward food during his college years, reaching for a cookbook instead of his MCAT prep textbooks time after time: Unbeknownst to his parents, who lived far away in China, Tim had been dabbling in the kitchen during his college years, and found himself watching the Food Network channel almost religiously. He loved food and cooking—so much so that

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