JBF in the News: The JBF Food Conference in National Geographic

The 2014 JBF Food Conference


Well-rounded food person Mary Beth Albright (she's a former restaurant critic, food attorney, and competitor on The Next Food Network Star) previews our fall conference on "The Plate," the food blog over at NationalGeographic.com. With appreciative memories of "epiphany moments" at last year's gathering, Albright is looking forward to our upcoming discussion of food and its impact (or lack thereof) on health, particularly our scheduled conversation with Mark Bittman.


Read Albright's full piece here. Learn more about this year's JBF Food Conference.

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2013 ShortDocs Challenge


This year we were proud to partner with the Third Coast International Audio Festival 2013 ShortDocs Challenge, an annual competition that invites anyone and everyone to create a short radio piece based on a unique set of rules. This year's submissions were inspired by the idea of "appetite," presented in three "courses," and included one of the five tastes (bitter, salty, sour, sweet, or umami) in the title. Choosing from many wonderful entries, we selected six to air at the James Beard Foundation Food Conference this fall. They were:


"Sweet Baby June Eats the World"
Produced by Matt Largey


“Blackbird Pot Pie: Not the Pie Umami Made”
Produced by Mary T. Diorio... Read more >

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Consuming Appetites

The 2013 JBF Food Conference will explore the role appetite plays in sustainability and public health


Hunger is not a feeling I know. But appetite consumes me.


Despite an occasional pang here and there, I have never been hungry, because I have access to more than enough food to sustain me. For the most part that food is of the highest quality, grown in accordance with the most sustainable practices, and prepared to exacting standards.


I am not hungry, but I have a near insatiable appetite. I want to try this new restaurant. I want to taste that heirloom tomato. I want to finish the entire pot. Far from needing to find what to eat, my personal struggle is to find how to stop. This is a battle I often lose. Still, I am lucky.


Appetite is desire.


We eat and shop and strive to attain the things we want for reasons beyond need. Sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, even... Read more >

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Q & A with Carolyn Steel, Author of Hungry City

Carolyn Steel is a 2013 JBF Food Conference speaker


Continuing our series of interviews with featured speakers and panelists at this year’s JBF Food Conference, we got in touch with Carolyn Steel, author of Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives. Steel’s concept of “sitopia” (food-place) has gained wide recognition in the emergent field of food urbanism. A London-based architect, lecturer and writer, Steel has been a visiting lecturer and design tutor at Cambridge, London Metropolitan and Wageningen Universities, as well as at the London School of Economics. Steel writes and broadcasts regularly on food, architecture and urbanism, and is in international demand as a speaker. In a few weeks, Carolyn will be taking the JBF Food Conference stage for a talk entitled, "The Hardscape of Appetite".




JBF: Tell us about your participation in this year’s conference and how you plan to interpret the theme of... Read more >

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Letter from the President: Why Leadership Matters in the Food World


You only have to read the front page of a newspaper, flip through a magazine, or even glance at your Twitter feed to know that the world’s food system is in crisis. In our country alone, almost 15 percent of households are food insecure, American farmland has been disappearing for decades, and in the past 30 years childhood obesity has more than doubled.


Over the past several years, we have expanded our Foundation’s mission to address some of these issues and to establish and support links between the culinary arts, the community, and the key sustainability and public health issues of our time.



To encourage conversation about making our food world a healthier, safer, and more sustainable place, our Foundation gathered thought leaders three years ago for the premiere of... Read more >

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ShortDocs Challenge: Cast Your Vote for the People's ShortDoc Award Winner

The James Beard Foundation is partnering with the Third Coast International Audio Festival's 2013 ShortDocs Challenge


As we reported a few months back, we've partnered with the Third Coast International Audio Festival (TCIAF), a curator of "sound-rich stories", on its ShortDocs Challenge, an annual competition that invites storytelling enthusiasts to create a brief radio piece inspired by the theme of the 2013 JBF Food Conference, appetite. TCIAF encourages entrants to "interpret 'appetite' broadly, from the literal to the figurative. Consider stories of hunger and obesity, craving and satiety, profit and desire."


After some serious listening, the TCIAF team whittled... Read more >

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JBF Partners with the Third Coast International Audio Festival's ShortDocs Challenge

The James Beard Foundation is partnering with the Third Coast International Audio Festival's 2013 ShortDocs Challenge


Here at JBF, we're all about the sense of taste. But thanks to Chicago's Third Coast International Audio Festival (TCIAF), we're about to start putting our ears to work, too.


A weekly radio show, audio library, podcast, and public listening series all rolled into one aural package, TCIAF curates sound-rich stories from around the world and helps them reach as many ears as possible. They also run the ShortDocs Challenge, an annual competition that invites anyone and everyone to create a short radio piece based on a unique set of rules and a partnering organization. This year's partner? Yours truly.


More specifically, the 2013 ShortDocs Challenge is... Read more >

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