The 2014 JBF Award Nominee Announcement: What You Need to Know

The Publican in Chicago


Let’s see: we’ve revealed the 2014 Restaurant and Chef semifinalists, shared our latest America’s Classics and Who's Who inductees, and announced who’s headlining the festivities at Lincoln Center and Gotham Hall this year. Have we missed anything? Ah, yes: the nominee announcement!


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Awards Watch: Belinda Chang, where were you when…?

Belinda Chang, wine director at Wine Service Nominee The Modern, was in the presence of greatness when she found out her restaurant made the semifinals, and again when the news broke of their nomination: “I was in Alsace at the legendary, historic Trimbach winery in February when the semifinalists were announced. I was with Jean Trimbach and his niece and we were opening up older and older Rieslings. My phone started buzzing and buzzing. I thought someone must have died or something. Then, on the day of the nominees announcement I was at Gramercy Tavern with winemaker Brian Talley and a room full of 25 sommeliers and journalists. Again, my phone started buzzing. I jumped up and screamed, and somehow managed not to spill wine all over myself! Tonight, I think I need to have a really fantastic winemaker sitting next to me. They seem to be good luck!”

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