Gala Chef Q & A: Todd English

JBF Award winner Todd English


JBF Award Winner Todd English, Todd English Enterprises, Charlestown, MA


What’s your go-to guilty-pleasure food?

I’m a Southern boy and I have to admit I do love fried chicken.


What’s your favorite movie, and why?

Midnight in Paris is a great movie—I love the nostalgia of it, and Paris is such a beautiful city.


Describe the last great meal you ate.

I just had the most delicious steak at Wolfgang’s CUT in L.A. Perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked.


What’s the dish you’re most proud of?

Anything that came off the wood-fire rotisserie I had in my original Olives restaurant in Boston. I used to do this amazing wood-fired whole stuffed rabbit on the rotisserie that was so delicious, there were lines out the door of people wanting to try it.


What’s your favorite movie snack?

Peanut M&Ms... Read more >

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