Ask a Chef: Tyson Cole, Where Should We Eat in Austin?

JBF Award winner Tyson Cole tells us where to eat in Austin.

The 2011 JBF Award-winning chef of Austin’s Uchi and Uchiko gives us his favorite local restaurant picks.

Late-Night Dining
East Side King
“The East Side King trailer at Liberty Bar has amazing buns and Southeast Asian karaage.”

Quintessential Austin Cooking
East Side Café Vespaio Enoteca Asti
“East Side Cafe for farm-to-table food from their garden; Vespaio Enoteca for the amazing pastas and charcuterie; and Asti for the breadsticks and affogato.”

Quick Snack

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Foodspotting: It's a Thai!

A tie between Saipin Chutima of Lotus of Siam (Las Vegas) and Tyson Cole of Uchi (Austin) for "Best Chef: Southwest", that is. We asked the chefs what foods they'll be celebrating with. Smiley Saipin spoke through her translator and said she doesn't know because she's so excited, beaming the entire time. Chef Cole said he was craving chocolate. So, does he like dessert? "Only if it's chocolate," he said seriously. Only champagne in the Mercedes-Benz Victory Lane room, unfortunately... - Amy * Chaiyo is an expression of gladness in Thai. We just learned that. You're welcome.

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