The Bookshelf: The Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide

Dumplings and Cocky's JoyAfter the overwhelming response to last month's NYC Dumpling Festival t-shirt giveaway, it became clear that dumplings get everyone talking. So when a book called The Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide landed in our inbox a couple weeks later, we knew we needed to mention it here. After five years of rolling, pinching, and steaming, cooking instructor Wai Hon Chu and food writer Connie Lovatt have released this month-by-month dumpling manual that will keep your hands busy all year. The Dumpling has recipes for little doughy globes in every shape and flavor, some easy to whip up, others involving a meditative afternoon in the kitchen. "Our book is a collection of traditional recipes," the authors told us. "There are a number that were easy enough to track down, but also quite a few that were more obscure, either because they were considered old fashioned

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