August's Best Recipes

Fried Peaches with Cinnamon Ice CreamNicholas Farina's fried peaches with cinnamon ice cream

Here are our recipe tester’s favorite recipes from the past month:

Warm Sheep's Milk Feta with Apricot Tapenade If you can find it, use sheep's milk feta cheese in this unique starter from Israeli chef Erez Komarovsky. Its sweetness provides a strong foil to the puckery tartness of the roasted and dried apricots. Summer Ratatouille Bruschetta with Pecorino Yankee Stadium chef Kevin Harry rounds up the fleeting flavors of summer in this delicious recipe for classic bruschetta.

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Recipe: Summer Ratatouille Bruschetta with Pecorino

Summer Ratatouille Bruschetta with Pecorino Ribbons Reliably flavorful and unfussy, bruschetta belong in every dinner-party host's arsenal of simple but crowd-pleasing dishes. This ratatouille-topped version from Yankee Stadium’s Kevin Harry is yet another breezy iteration of this classic recipe, but it's dressed up with a splash of balsamic vinegar and some Pecorino Romano shavings. Get the recipe here.

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