Eye Candy: Coffee as Dessert

David Katz, chef and owner of the popular Mémé Restaurant in Philadelphia, treated Beard House diners to his beautifully crafted New American cuisine last week. We loved his playful, multitextured dessert: coffee gelée with almond cream, chocolate puffed rice, and orange powder. See more photos of his marvelous menu here.

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Recipe: Café Brûlot

Imagine starting your Monday with a cup of coffee like this: scented with citrus and cinnamon, spiked with liqueur, and... set on fire! While we don't recommend that you actually try making this popular New Orleans drink after rolling out of bed, we do think it would make for a eye-popping dinner party finale.

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Jobs We Love: Andrew Hetzel

Andrew Hetzel As a professional coffee taster, it's no surprise that Andrew Hetzel can't sit still: he spends up to 200 days traveling the world to sample various types of joe. And when he's not en route to an emerging producer, he writes. A lot. (Good thing he has all that coffee for late night paperwork.) Click here to learn more about his business of the bean.

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