Eye Candy: Jason's Giordano's Triple Treat

plating dessert Jason Giordano (second from left) and his crew plate a dessert trio, which included banana cream pie, chocolate cake, and pumpkin mousse topped with a macaron ice cream sandwich. (See, we told you they were on the rise.) Check out more photos from the Hotel Griffou luncheon. (Photo by Eileen Miller)

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Eye Candy: Stephanie Izard Cheeses It Up

dessert For her dessert course, Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard served creamy, caramelized slabs of Rogue Creamery Smokey Oregon Blue Cheese with bacon-glazed apples and marcona almond butter. Click here to view more photos of her event. (Photo by Joan Garvin)

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Eye Candy: American Icons Gala Auction and Dinner

Our annual gala auction and dinner was held at the Four Seasons Restaurant last night, and the food, wine, and bidding were as exciting as ever! Scroll down for some of our favorite photos of the event; click here for even more images.

caviar on briochePetrossian American white sturgeon caviar on brioche

silent auctionThe silent auction awaiting bidders in the Four Seasons Restaurant Grill Room

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Recipe: Butterscotch Pudding with Molasses Crisps and Black Pepper Whipped Cream

Gale Gand Since we’ve already given you a sneak peek of Alfred Portale’s mouthwatering ravioli from tomorrow night’s menu, why not treat yourself to a little dessert as well? Gale Gand will be serving this creamy butterscotch pudding as the close to our American Icons dinner. If you don’t have a seat, you’ll want to make this one at home. The molasses crisps provide a great textural contrast to the not too sweet pudding. The finishing touch? Black pepper whipped cream cuts the richness and rounds out this delicious dessert.

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Eye Candy: Beard House

dessert garnish At Friday's Beard House dinner, chefs from the Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence prepared a dessert course of miniature ricotta tarts along with these sculptural garnishes: a nest of spun sugar cradling berries and poppy seed–studded gelées. See more images from the event here. (Photo by Philip Gross)

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Eye Candy: Peanut Butter–Bacon Pie

gourmet pie

Gourmet's frozen peanut butter mousse and candied bacon pie, made by Cia Glover. Although our office birthdays usually call for Amy’s pink cake, in light of recent events, we searched recent issues of Gourmet for a more fitting treat in honor of VP Mitchell Davis’s birthday. The result was this deliciously (not too) sweet, salty, and crunchy frozen peanut butter and candied bacon pie. Recreate our simple homage to Gourmet at home.

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Eat this Word: Pavlova

PavlovaWHAT? Dancer's dessert. Named for the world-famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this fruit, whipped cream, and meringue dessert is claimed by rival nations. Aussies have long considered it their national dessert, but New Zealanders argue that they invented the Pavlova, and they back up their claim with citations from cookbooks. The dancer toured both countries in the late 1920s. In Perth, Australia, she stayed at the Esplanade Hotel, whose chef, Herbert Sachse, is often credited with creating the dessert some six years later. Supposedly the Pavlova acquired its name after someone proclaimed his dessert was "as light as Pavlova." Others think the name stems from the fact that the ring-shaped meringue resembled Pavlova's frilly, white costume in her most famous role, the Dying Swan. Pavlovas—which are showing up on American tables of late—are traditionally filled with passion fruit. WHERE?

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Staff Recipe: Honeydew Soup

honeydew_427x318 Looking for the perfect way to cap off a summer meal? The recipe for this refreshing and delicately sweet fruit soup comes from JBF vice president, Mitchell Davis, and appeared in his encyclopedic cookbook, Kitchen Sense. The original recipe calls for honeydew melon, but Mitchell also gives a number of variations if you prefer to use cantaloupe, watermelon, or even peaches.

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Recipe: James Beard's Galette Pérougienne

BerriesTry this “wonderfully good” yeast dough-based dessert as the finale to an outdoor summer luncheon. James Beard felt it had “all the virtues of French country cooking – it is simple, inexpensive, and makes thoroughly delicious eating.” Enjoy it with crème fraîche and a combination of summer berries.

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